Into the Woods Again

It was Friday, my usual day off.  My normal weekly post was already published (yay for me).  Since I had pre-scheduled that post, I slept in and so was fairly well-rested.  The weather was decent – a little overcast, comfortably cool for mid-August. I was in need of my preferred reading material – REAL books, with PAPER pages I could turn to enhance the reading experience.

The library branch I normally visit is closed on Fridays, and was inaccessible due to road construction so waiting until Saturday for that branch was not an option.

I gathered up my driver’s license, insurance card (never leave home without it!), library card and camera (the “good” one, just in case) and headed off to the Audubon library branch.  After choosing my new reads, I decided to take another stroll through the adjoining Walton Woods Park (did you really think I’d need a camera at the library itself?).

This time, I turned right inside the park entrance.  The right pathway is a little more woodsy, as the left pathway opens up to the back of nearby residences.  Both paths circle the man-made lake.

I searched for frogs (just missed one – damn my reflexes!).  I looked for fish (none, but they may have been scared away by several people fishing along the edge of the lake).  I took photos of the path and greenery from whatever angle seemed attractive.

At the end of the lake, the path forked – one side circled around the lake, the other continued on towards who knew where.  I decided to walk away from the lake for a change.  I knew eventually there would be some houses or businesses, the park isn’t all that big.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this sign pointing to an UNPAVED path:

Well, how could I resist?

I could hear animals in the trees (probably just squirrels, I thought) and could smell what definitely seemed like something dead somewhere further in.  Tempting as that was, I stayed on the path.

No animals evident, except for a number of leashed dogs with their owners.  Every dog wanted “pets,” and with the owners’ permission, I obliged.  We all went happily on our separate ways.


Deeper into the woods, I grew tired and decided to turn back. No danger of getting lost, the paths are very clear.  Once again on the paved pathway, I headed back towards the lake.

And that’s when I finally saw it – a fawn grazing for food right at the sign announcing the lake:

The fawn was obviously unafraid of people.  It simply looked at me and continued to graze.  I tried to inch closer, at which point it decided to stroll on back to mama and papa.  Apparently mama and papa were somewhere in the woods behind me, as the fawn began walking towards me through the woods and only about 10 feet away.  It and I kept eye contact as it moved casually on by, and played peekaboo for a few minutes:

Apparently, the fawn didn’t like my camera click because it then began sprinting past me.  (Or, maybe it didn’t like when I whispered [I thought], “Shhh.  Just stay still!”  Now, my camera does have a setting whereby I could take multiple shots of a moving object, but I don’t know how to use it yet.  The best I could manage was this blurry shot of a fleeing fawn.

I wish Amy Rose had been with me – that fawn would have stopped and posed for her!  Really!  If you haven’t seen Amy’s recent wildlife photos, check them out here and here.

Maybe the next time I go to Walton Woods, I’ll have another chance to photograph that deer.  Or maybe not.  In any event, I intend to try.

Enjoy your weekend, folks.  TGIF!


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Images by Cordelia’s Mom



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28 Responses to Into the Woods Again

  1. prior.. says:

    Loved the flow of the post and how we end t with you to get these photos (sorta – you know what I mean)
    You have a nice eye for shots – the mushroom one with grass spikes was my fav and I also like the one where u showed us the deer peeking at u!


  2. Looks like a beautiful walk. Here in Texas, I still need to wait until 8:00 P.M. or so for it to be cool enough for a walk. Please send some cooler weather.


  3. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Oh, CM, I’m not on here for a whole week or so, then I see you linked two of my posts today … THANK YOU! … and darn if I don’t see your pictures. I will be back tomorrow (again) to check your pictures out. And about that deer picture …. I have one coming of baby fawns, that to my knowledge should not even be around (Spring time only) but Mother Nature is so confused this year that the deer are mating twice, as are the birds, as are the turtles, and who knows who else. Just SO happy for you that you are getting adventurous. I can’t wait to SEE your pictures. (grrrrr WP!) I’m really touched you linked my posts to yours. Much Gratitude and Happy Weekend, CM!! XOXO


  4. Tippy Gnu says:

    All that greenery looks very beautiful to a desert rat like me.

    I’ve read through my camera’s manual, but most of the features are options I would only use rarely. So it’s hard to remember how to use them during those times when something like a deer pops out to surprise you. Frustrating.


  5. Unread books and a lovely nature walk. Sounds like a perfect day to me….. except for the uncooperative deer. Pesky things, don’t they realize there are blogs to write?


  6. Always take the “road less traveled”. You won’t be disappointed! But it does take a bit of courage to go off the beaten path. Glad you did, and glad you could bring this to us!


    • Actually, this “road less traveled” wasn’t all that long and there were still plenty of people and dogs within yelling distance, but it was nice to have a path that wasn’t paved, to add to the ambience of the park.


  7. We love walks like this through the forest, especially coming off the normal path. How lovely to get so close to the deer.


  8. markbialczak says:

    You did great, CM. Really, really great. I was worried for a bit that you didn’t leave a bread crumb trail, but you made your way back to the world with awesome fawn photos in tow.


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  10. joey says:

    Not too long ago, I read of your camera struggle, so while I would have told you how I appreciated being taken to a magic woodland today, I can further add that I appreciate the lengths you’ve gone to, to get the photos to us!
    Lovely shots, love the ferns and the mushrooms especially!


  11. Dan Antion says:

    Nothing beats a walk in the woods. You got some great pictures.


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