Manly Defensive Driving

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Cordelia's Mom, Still

Bumper CarsI had already retaken my defensive driving course and received the insurance discount.  Now it was time for hubby to take it, too.  Again, we opted for the online version.

Thank God we only have to do this once every three years!

NOTE:  For those who caught my poor math in the first story, let me explain.  The increase in the first month’s premium was $75, but that included a $20 processing fee for the annual renewal, and a $5 per month increase that was effective regardless.  The defensive driving discount is more like $50  a month, or $600 a years.  (Thank you, Archon, for pointing out my inadequacy.)

Right off, hubby could not get into the site properly.  He had no problem registering and having his credit card information credited, but the link to the actual course was not working.  He, too, had to engage “Live Chat.”

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