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Oh Lord, Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

Another blogger reminded me of this earlier post. I’m republishing it for the benefit of those readers who have since joined me.  If you’re in an abusive relationship, get out!  Tell people about it.  Don’t wait, don’t let it slide, … Continue reading

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[Maybe] I’m Going to Kill You (Re-Blog)

Last week was fun, wasn’t it?  Unfortunately, in the process of getting just the right angle for a photo, I managed to wrench my back, and I therefore won’t be doing any touristy stuff this week.  Good thing I have … Continue reading

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[Maybe] I’m Going to Kill You

In today’s post, “I’m Going to Kill You,” blogger Marilyn Armstrong poses the question: “Under what circumstances might I commit murder — or kill someone — for any reason?” My immediate response was: “Normally, I would say I am not a … Continue reading

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Shitty Parents, Hot Cars, And Dead Kids

Telling it like it is. “Treat [your child] like he’s a person [you] want to spend time with and not [your] laptop bag.” Amen, Ollie! (Comments have been turned off for this re-blog – please post any comments on Ollie’s site.)

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