Silly Geese

Why did the geese cross the road? Because the sign said to.

It had already been a goofy week.

After the work-day tree cutting adventure, during which everyone in my office building was trapped inside due to the fact that both driveways were blocked by tree service vehicles, I was looking forward to my Friday off.

Sure, I was scheduled for my Remicade treatment, but I always sleep through that, and I really needed a good nap.  Getting there turned out to be a mini-adventure.  It’s nearly summer, in Buffalo, where there’s only a tiny window of time appropriate for — road construction.

Gotta fix those potholes, repave those streets.  Just another minor annoyance to be dealt with.

The parking lot at the medical center was being repaved, and with only one entrance in and out, it was a bit tricky weaving around to the back.  Just one more nuisance.

After my treatment, I was a little woozy, as usual, despite the lengthy nap, and I was looking forward to getting home – a drive of only a few minutes, not in heavy traffic, so all was fine.  The parking lot pavers had finished for the day, and getting out was no problem.

But as soon as I turned onto the street, I found myself blocked by an entire line of geese and goslings.  For once, I had thought to bring my little camera, just in case.

Fowl Roadblock

It’s so hard to cross a street with kids.

Meanwhile, the driver behind me was getting all twitchy because I was stopped in the lane of traffic and she couldn’t go around.  Really?  No way am I going to run over a whole string of baby birds just to save that driver two minutes or so.  Just ain’t happenin’.

Just another day in suburban WNY.  (Have I used the word “just” enough in this post?)

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.  It’s beautiful here; hope your weather is gorgeous, too.

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Images by Cordelia’s Mom/TeddyRosalie Studio

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22 Responses to Silly Geese

  1. Cute. We haven’t got so many goslings this year as the nests were raided to keep numbers down. Better than culling them I suppose. Loads of ducklings though


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  3. Dan Antion says:

    We have to stop for geese fairly often. They usually move along smartly, but you have to give them their space.


  4. nickc324 says:

    That is a week of adventure, I agree. Great photos of the geese, too! I hope you are relaxing this weekend.


  5. Rivergirl says:

    Love those gooses! I would have held up traffic for an hour to get those pics…


    • As I told my husband (who berated me for holding up traffic when he saw the photos) – I didn’t have to hold up traffic. I only had my foot on the brake, did not put the car in park, and as soon as the last goose was across, I rolled on down the road. The driver behind me was just an arrogant AH.

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  6. I’ve had my travels stopped by turkeys — OFTEN, actually — and once by a big, slow-walking swan (they are NOT graceful on land), but so far, I’ve only been stopped by geese on land. They took over the lands in our office park when I worked there. Then the geese came marching, you stepped aside. Them’s is big birds!


  7. willowdot21 says:

    Great photos, I hope the woman behind did not cause any carnage on the road! Good for you sticking to your guns 💜💜


  8. AmyRose🌹 says:

    You need to go to Como Park to see goats eating weeds versus Roundup. It is fascinating! I just wrote a post on this. They are incredible as are the owners of both goats and the company Como Park is using.


  9. Did I mention that I love foie gras? Don’t judge me…


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