Let’s Goat Buffalo!

What a great idea! My husband jokingly said we should get some goats (or sheep) for our backyard. Heck, I like animals. But no, we’ll stick with the ride-on mower, and leave the goats for their more important work in the local parks.  Thanks, Amy, for this wonderful post.

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Heaven On Earth

There I was taking a walk, stretching my legs, problem solving in my head when I came upon a sign, that at first I thought to be a joke. Mind you, what it said was the last thing I expected to read in this park. It said:

I’m referring to the “Goats At Work” sign.

Suddenly that is when I saw this sign was not a joke. For before my dumbfounded eyes off to my left, I did see goats who I was informed were there for one purpose …. to eat invasive species especially poison ivy and Japanese Knotweed. This park opted not to use Roundup (Happy Dance!) and instead is using a trial run of munching loving goats who do what they do best …. eat.

[People are waking up! We just can no longer use chemicals on a planet that is truly suffering the consequences of them…

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