Maintain It Up!!

Hate spammers and negative commenters? It’s time to fight back, people, and we can have a little fun at the same time. Oliver C. Damon has come up with a way – pass the award to whatever bloggers you know who don’t take spam lying down! I know how I respond to certain spammers, and I’m eager to see how everyone else does it.

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2 Responses to Maintain It Up!!

  1. Karen J says:

    I pinkie-promise I’ll read this (later)!
    I’m in the middle of sorting (trying to keep that to a minimum, at this point), packing, and moving my (former) 4-bedroom house, and prepping to stay with a friend for a couple of months. On a screamingly tight (totally my own fault – can you say Karen-the-Ostrich?) time line…

    Hugs ~ K


    • You’re too sweet. None of my posts are going anywhere any time soon (unless WordPress has an issue with me for some reason) – read them at your leisure. Good luck with your move!


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