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We’ve lost Paul Curran, our master guest columnist and prolific comment-leaver

Originally posted on Mark Bialczak:
Those of us who’ve grown to love the lively words that bounced from the head and fingers of Paul Curran will never be the same. The writer from Canada has died, according to his neighbor…

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It’s OK To Be Sad, Even If Other People Don’t Like It

When is life no longer worth living? At what point is it ok to give it all up already? Is it when you realize that you are now officially a senior citizen and that all the hopes and dreams you had … Continue reading

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RIP Lucie McNulty

Such a sad story. If you have a reclusive relative or friend, find him or her and make sure everything’s OK.

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If I Should Die Before I Wake

(Please, God, don’t let this be one of those prophetic writings that gets published 2 minutes before I’m squashed by a semi falling off an overpass or something.)   As I enter my twilight years, and my health becomes iffy, … Continue reading

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