Good Day to Be Sick

Hubby was sick a couple of weeks ago.  Guess who’s sick now?

Had to leave work early yesterday; woke up today with a worse sore throat, chest pains, achy joints, sinus congestion, etc., so no way I was going in.  Driving home yesterday wasn’t fun; today would have been downright dangerous.  At least the fever hasn’t spiked; I can manage everything with Tyelnol, Sudafed, fluids and soup.

Just as well.  We got our first snowfall of the season.  Just a dusting, but it’s cold and damp out there.


Puppy Cody had to go out, of course, so I took the opportunity to snap a few shots in the back yard while waiting for her to realize that the bunny really isn’t going to come over to play.  Silly bunny likes to lie right against the fence, nose to nose, knowing Cody can’t get to the other side.


Of course, as soon as I get close enough to the fence to photograph that bunny, the silly thing scampers off, ruining my shot.  Uncooperative little beast.


Now I’m going back to bed.  After which I’ll have some soup.  And then go back to  bed again.  I hear rest is the best thing when you’re sick.  Who am I to argue with that?

Probably won’t post tomorrow, maybe not for rest of the weekend.

Stay healthy, everyone.


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Images by Cordelia’s Mom/TeddyRosalie Studio

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16 Responses to Good Day to Be Sick

  1. Hope you feel better soon. I remember when I had the flu one Christmas. It hit me at midday Christmas Eve and I was knocked for 6 by 3pm. Never known anything like it and I was off work for the week. Poor Hubby had cooked the perfect duck too and I couldn’t even try it as I couldn’t keep water down.


    • Aw, at least I got sick on a non-holiday!

      Hope you’re recovering from your surgery. Are you feeling stronger now?


      • I feel I’m making progress every day. Just get tired very quickly so taking my time. Been out for a short walk with Hubby and the dog for her final wee. I’m surprised at how well I feel in myself, but was unprepared really for the fatigue. Still, the worst bit is over now and I’m healing very well indeed. Its hard to believe my surgery was only on Oct 28th so not even two weeks yet and already the skin is settling down and eventually I shall only have a very thin scar. It’s a beautiful job, so clean and neat.

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  2. Tippy Gnu says:

    So, you’re sick of snow so soon?
    I hope you get better for the weekend.


  3. willowdot21 says:

    Get better soon, that is an order 💜💜💜


  4. Jane says:

    Oh my, there is a nasty bug going around. I hope you feel better soon. We got snow today too and it was lovely. It did not stick to the roads so it was great.


  5. Dan Antion says:

    I hope you’re feeling better soon. Soup and rest does sound like a good treatment plan.


  6. markbialczak says:

    I hope you feel better soon, CM. I have been fighting stuff as well. I think it happens easily in this time of year where we live.


  7. joey says:

    Oh pity. Well, I’m glad you’re resting, and you have puppy and a pretty view, and SOUP! Feel better soon.


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