… And That Would Be Three (and a half)


Nothing in Cordelia’s Mom’s world ever goes exactly right – and I’m sure that’s why everyone loves this blog so much.  It’s always so entertaining and makes you all feel so much better about your own lives.

You will recall that the new furnace was installed on Monday, after a fretful weekend of wondering if the old furnace would make it each day.   The following work week was stressful, as everyone tried to catch up from the prior week’s blizzard, which had resulted in most businesses being closed for two to three days.

So, come Friday, hubby and I were pretty well maxed out physically and emotionally.  I had undergone my Remicade infusion earlier in the day, and hubby had his usual day-from-hell at work.  Mid-evening, we were just beginning to unwind and looking forward to a quiet weekend.

At 9:30 pm, we both realized the house seemed unusually chilly.  The thermostat showed the temperature at 65 degrees, even though the program had been set to 68 degrees.  Playing with the thermostat did nothing.  Hubby went into the basement to check things out and discovered that the new furnace was not working – at all.

A frantic call to the 24-hour line at Emerald Heating & Cooling got us in touch with the on-call technician, who indicated he had a couple of emergency calls ahead of ours but would be at our house in two to three hours.  The outside temperature was single digits, with a wind chill.  The temperature in the house was falling steadily.  We were terrified that we may have received a defective furnace which couldn’t be fixed right away.

So, I began checking online hotel/motel sites to find one that would take us, and Puppy Cody, on short notice if we had to leave the house for the weekend.  Fortunately, there are a few good ones nearby.  Just in case, though, I decided to wait until after the service call to make any reservations.

True to his word, the tech arrived at about 11:30 pm.  I was impressed that he was so professional, courteous and enthusiastic.  Apparently, Emerald Heating really does have a scheduled 24-hour on-call staff, unlike other companies which merely call one of their techs back in after hours (and maybe when the tech was sleeping or had been out partying or something).

The Emerald tech went into the basement, and 10 minutes later we heard the furnace running.  Yay!  Turned out that someone at the factory had not attached a wire properly and due to the blower vibrations over several days, that wire had simply fallen off, shutting down the whole system.

So nice to have heat!  So nice to be able to stay in our own home!

Things were looking up.  The next project would be setting up that new computer.  Stay posted – that story is coming.

TGIF, Everyone!

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11 Responses to … And That Would Be Three (and a half)

  1. Jane says:

    Thank goodness it was so simple. When we bought our lawn mower this summer, we too could not get it to go. There was a cable dangling and we could not connect it. We called the service people and over an hour with being tranfered and on hold on the phone, we loaded it up and took it back to Lowes. And sure enough, the cable connection was simply broken in the socket and the whole mower with that one piece was trashed. They rebuilt one for us on the spot.
    Ah such craftsmanship


    • I don’t know about you, but it seems like if there one defective unit out of 1000 regular units, no matter what the product, I manage to get the defective unit. Glad Lowes was able to fix that mower for you.


  2. Glad it was an easy fix…. it’s too cold for a broken furnace!


  3. Glad it was a simple fix!


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  5. Archon's Den says:

    I’m glad that your fix was quick and easy also. When our new (15 years) furnace was installed, both the ‘high’, and ‘low’ fan controls were hooked to the low speed. It was enough to keep us warm for a day, until the tech arrived. 😯


  6. markbialczak says:

    Here’s to connections staying where they belong, CM!


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