Technology Made Easy – Not


Today’s electronic devices have become more and more user friendly.  In most cases.

Of course, that doesn’t hold true with anything Cordelia’s Mom purchases.

Finally, I was able to pick up the new computer monitor, and since the furnace crisis had been resolved, I decided to install the new computer.  The tower set up extremely quickly and easily – it even recognized and connected the modem so I didn’t have to go looking for the installation password.

Of course, now I’m a wee bit concerned that I may be using two separate internet providers since I don’t really know what provider the computer actually hooked up to.  Guess I’ll find out quickly enough if I get a second bill later this month.


The tower was ready.  Now to connect the monitor.

As you will recall, I was unable to use my existing monitor because it was so old that the connections were no longer the same as the newer computers.  I had opted not to purchase a converter since I knew my new monitor would be coming in soon.

Upon opening the box to the new monitor, I was very happy to see that it included two connection cords.  Yes!  Surely, the second cord would work.  The Geek Squad guy at Best Buy had assured me that any new monitor should hook up to a new computer just fine.

The Geek Squad guy was mistaken.  Neither cord fit.

Frustrated, I gathered up the cords and the purchase paperwork and drove over to Best Buy.  The Geek Squad guy on duty took a look at the paperwork and announced that my new monitor might not work with my new computer.  Say what?  Isn’t there an adapter or something?  After a moment’s thought, he announced, “Oh, I know exactly what you need.  Wait at the register and I’ll bring it to you.”

It seemed to take a long time, but eventually Geek Squad guy brought me a cord which had, he assured me, the proper connection to go between the new monitor and the new computer.  I thanked him, and turned back to the register.  The clerk rang up the cord and asked me for payment, at which point I stated that since I had purchased both the monitor and computer from Best Buy within the past week, and couldn’t use the monitor because it had the wrong cords, I didn’t think I should have to pay for a new cord – and could I please speak to a manager?

The clerk went to the manager and came back to tell me they would give me a 10% discount.

Ok, the cord was only $27, and since I had already paid almost $1,000 for the new equipment, the additional cost was not unreasonable.  I suppose that had I purchased the computer and monitor in the store, with a salesperson, I would have been in a stronger position to argue, but I had bought everything online and really had no idea what kind of connection the monitor had.  I agreed to the 10%, took the cord, and went home.

Imagine my relief (and some surprise), when the third cord actually fit!  And everything turned on!  And I was able to load the Office software and my existing photography software!  And all 400+ of my videogames downloaded quickly and without a glitch!

Up and running!

I sincerely hope I never again have to buy and set up a new computer.  It’s too much stress.  If I do have to get a new one, I may just opt to have the Best Buy Geek Squad set it up for me; probably it would be well worth the cost.

Happy Weekend, Folks!  Hope it’s warm and peaceful wherever you are.

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Image by Cordelia’s Mom

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22 Responses to Technology Made Easy – Not

  1. Tippy Gnu says:

    Wow, what a pain. I’ve built several computers, and have learned that you have to be very careful to make sure all parts are compatible. This requires hours of research, extra time for reflection, and then double and triple-checking. There are a lot of gotchas that can reach out and getcha, when it comes to computer design.


  2. We don’t own a TV and had been watching our DVDs on a laptop which died a few years ago. Hubby bought a separate DVD drive we could plug in to our new laptops and we could watch most films (no Disney ones though for some reason) but only on our small 11 inch screen.
    Come Christmas, we decided to treat ourselves and bought a computer monitor to watch our films via DVD drive on a bigger screen. Wires everywhere. So we invested in a DVD player, but like you, had to make sure the connections were compatible. Yippo. We are up and running and can use the DVD drive to store our digital photos. What a game though!


  3. joey says:

    That’s annoying. I’m like, annoyed FOR you. So glad you got it sorted.


  4. EVERYTHING I got is wireless except for the electric plug to the wall. Everything. Printer, laptops … even my desktop was wireless and it’s still working, only it now belongs to my son. Wireless.

    Way to go.


    • That’s what I hear, Marilyn, but wireless still makes me nervous. Sure, I understand my data still gets broadcast everywhere, but having the computer hard-wired just seems safer somehow. Yes, I know that’s naïve, but that’s me.


  5. Setting up a computer is not something I would ever attempt. I don’t have a readily available “Geek Guy”, but if my laptop or old PC dies, I’ll be hiring someone to do it for me for sure! You are braver than I am!


    • The worst part was crawling around on the floor, under and behind my humungous desk/hutch (which can’t be moved because it’s so heavy). It’s a wonder I was able to get up off the floor, and I was hurting for days.


  6. I love my new all in one, it all came together and was a breeze to set up. But yes, transferring everything you want over is always a time consuming nightmare.


  7. markbialczak says:

    Happy computing, CM!


  8. Hard to believe the world wide web was invented thirty years ago, you would have thought by now they’d have got the hang of it and made it user friendly and very, very simple!

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