Why I’m Not Absent Yet Even Though I Said I Would Be

Yesterday, I signed off by saying I was going to set up the new computer.

Which I tried to do.  I’m not a novice at setting up computers, and today’s computers are relatively simple to switch.  I was so excited that I had the old unit out, the new unit in, and most of the wires attached within minutes.

Until –

I found myself holding the cord for the old monitor which I planned to use until my new monitor comes in.  Looking between the cord and the back of the new computer, I realized there was nowhere to plug the old monitor in.  Say what?  I’ve done this numerous times, it can’t be that hard, right?

So I called the Geek Squad at Best Buy and explained I had just brought home this new computer but couldn’t figure out where to plug in the old (really old) monitor.

Which is when I learned that computer hookups have been changed, and the old VGA plug will no longer fit without an adapter.  The tech suggested that since a new monitor would be coming within the week, I probably should wait rather than buy the adapter.  Having spent more money this week than I wanted to (damn furnace), I agreed.

(Yes, I could have avoided this particular problem by purchasing either a laptop or an all-in-one, but I happen to like the power of a tower.)

So, the old computer went back into place.

And wouldn’t you know it? After uninstalling and reinstalling, that old computer seems to be running just fine now.


But the new computer is sitting in an open box, so if I returned it I would have to pay an open box fee.  And I really am looking forward to the new computer’s upgraded features and capabilities.

Just another day in Cordelia’s Mom’s World, where nothing ever goes exactly as it should.  At least the old furnace is still limping along and should make it through today (knock on wood).

Happy Sunday, folks.  If you’re a Superbowl fan, enjoy the game; if not, enjoy the quiet.


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Image by Cordelia’s Mom

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21 Responses to Why I’m Not Absent Yet Even Though I Said I Would Be

  1. No worries. I got my new all in one before my old laptop completely died. It never hurts to have a back up!


  2. I like the old tower as well. Hope you didn’t have to switch to Windows 10, which in my opinion, is a curse! I have Windows 10 on my laptop, and don’t like it, and we have Windows 7 on our PC, which I love, but it may not be operational for much longer, sad to say. Good luck with the project!

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  3. Dan Antion says:

    The old furnace will perk up when the truck with the new one pulls into your driveway.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. AmyRose🌹 says:

    You and your adventures. LOL Don’t you absolutely hate it when what you thought was broken isn’t broken after all? Darn!


  5. Toldya you could fix it. You just wanted a new computer 😀


    • I immediately thought of you, Marilyn. But the fact is, I’m still not willing to install a new operating system and all that, which might or might not work. The last time I got one of those error message, it was the motherboard that died.


  6. joey says:

    These things do happen :/


  7. willowdot21 says:

    You know exactly what would happen if you sent the computer back… Yes the old one would , blow up, die or collapse in a heap or all three 🤭💜💜💜


  8. I have learnt over the years that no matter how loud you shout at them, sometimes they just won’t work. https://lordjoewells.wordpress.com/2018/12/30/computers-are-morons/


    • Sorry for the delay in responding – your comment went into my spam folder.

      Yes, there was a good amount of shouting, and it did no good. All it did was scare Puppy Cody. She couldn’t figure out why I was so angry and thought she had done something bad.

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