Musings of a Non-essential Federal Employee

I feel I owe an apology to furloughed federal employees for being an insensitive jerk with my last post, in which I bragged about my job. President Trump says the unpaid workers “will adjust, they always adjust.” In Trumpville, I believe that means that Melania might have to settle for a $40,000 dress instead of the one she really wanted. As noted in this post from Nowhere Tribune, “adjust” means something a little different to the people actually affected by the furlough.

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Nowhere Tribune

Photo by Andy Feliciotti on Unsplash

It is 8:31 on a Monday morning, and I should be at work. Not only should I be, but I want to be.

I am, though, on an extended holiday vacation, courtesy of the federal government officials who have failed to pass a budget. Or, should I say, who refuse to.

I do not blame a certain party; only politics–politics and the inability to compromise in order to accomplish one of the government’s most important and basic tasks.

In my spare time, I’ve served three terms on a city council. We begin working on a budget for the upcoming year in July, and we make sure that it is complete by the end of September. We may not agree, but we all know that the budget must be complete, no exceptions, before the current budget expires. Streets need repaired, and the water treatment plant…

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