Why Am I Always Shopping Under A Full Moon?

Two years later, I’m still wearing the coats. Guess it was a good deal after all. Enjoy this re-blog – I hope to take the weekend off from WP.

Cordelia's Mom, Still


Yes, it’s another full-moon weekend.

It’s not that I shop a lot, nor that the full moon brings out the animal shopper in me.  My job is so busy and so stressful that I can’t shop at all during the week, and on most weekends, I’m too exhausted to go out.  But there are things that I need – well, like wine, for instance.

For whatever reason, my shopping trips just manage to coincide with the full moon more often than not.

Our weather has grown fall-chilly, and I only have two weights of jackets – rainy summer and freeze-your-ass-off winter.  Time to get a fall-weight coat, so off I went.

But first, I needed a haircut.  When I was working just four days a week, I could go to the salon on my day off, but now everything has to be squeezed into those two weekend days.  The…

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4 Responses to Why Am I Always Shopping Under A Full Moon?

  1. markbialczak says:

    I’m glad to hear the coats are sturdy, CM.


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