Bumps and Humps

The first snow has arrived in Buffalo, New York. I am not ready for it.

Therefore, I am not going to write about it (ignore the fact that I just did, please), nor am I going to take any photos of it.  Winter needs to wait a bit – after all, between my camera problems and all the recent rain, I never even got a chance to take those wonderful fall pictures.

All I could manage in the last week or so were pictures of …


Yes, everyone’s favorite part of driving in northern climes.  I won’t say why I was driving around during a rainy lunch hour taking pothole photos, but I was.  Unfortunately, most of our potholes were “fixed” during the spring and early summer, and what remains are the “repairs”:

Lovely, isn’t it?  I drive that road every day and there’s no way to avoid that section.  Of course, on other days, I manage not to be standing on the edge of the road with a camera so that I can get drenched by passing motorists:

And of course, I somehow parked my car in the exact spot where I would have to step into several inches of water both getting out of and back into my vehicle:

Thankfully, my office is in a back corner of the building, and I was able to dry off some before having to face other people.

So, back to today.  Despite the snow (which I am not going to write about), I must venture out for my Remicade infusion – which is now every 6 weeks instead of every 8 weeks because the effects haven’t been lasting as long as they should.  At $4,000 a pop (pardon the pun), I was amazed that the insurance company approved the shorter treatment interval.

(And thank heavens for the 4-day work week so I don’t have to beg my employer for a day off every 6 weeks.)

Later this afternoon, I will be pretty much out of it so may or may not respond to all those comments you’ll be leaving.  Just be patient.  I will get to them.

What are your plans for the weekend?  If you’re single (or not, and simply oblivious to your partner’s feelings), you may decide to try “speed dating.”  That didn’t exist when I was young, and I’m inclined to think it’s a good way to meet a lot of prospective mates in a very short time.

However, I’m not overly fond of the newest trend:

But then that’s not for me to decide, is it?

Happy Friday, folks.  Stay safe.

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Images by Cordelia’s Mom

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33 Responses to Bumps and Humps

  1. ksbeth says:

    Here in Michigan, too )

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  2. Lincolnshire is notorious for potholes, and when they do eventually repair them said repair last little more than a month. We had a huge one down the road which, after three months and a circle of paint drawn round it so that the guys knew which one to fill (there is such a choice along that stretch of road) is now a hump.

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  3. Snow is lurking around us as well, but we’re considered coastal and might just get rain this time. As for the potholes…. preach, sister! A few years ago our road was voted the worst in Maine. Yay us. The state finally came in and did a major repair, which was lovely for all of 2 years, until some massive frosts heaved everything up again. The little balls of tar they throw down to fill holes are never tamped properly and I usually end up with half of it in my tire treads and wheel wells.. Grr….

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  4. Jane says:

    Hahaha…that was a perfect transition. Speed hump….very good. So sorry your remicade is not lasting. My Stelara is supposed to last twelve weeks. It never has. The rheumatologist wanted me to go ten weeks, but the insurance refused it. So I have been on it now for three years and the last shot lasted 8 weeks. By the time I got my shot, I was in real bad pain unable to move. But I understand the insurance not wanting to pay the $21,000.00 (yes that’s correct) for each shot. Take care of yourself an good luck with the potholes.

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  5. After the summer that wouldn’t end, we are getting winter in CHARGE mode.

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  6. simplywendi says:

    oh, I so agree with you that winter needs to wait, this is way too soon. we had snow and rain today too here in Indiana and the pot holes are blooming……….hope your weekend goes well!

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  7. Tippy Gnu says:

    Well, it is Buffalo. So I imagine it would be very easy to get a hump quickly.

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  8. Barry says:

    As spring here turns into summer…

    Here in Aotearoa New Zealand those road contrivances are called judder-bars. Slang for the other hump is root. Which reminds me of a story, which I’ve been assured is true :

    An exchange student from America was introducing herself to her new host family, when she was asked what her hobbies were. She said she was in the cheer-leading team and likes rooting for the school football team. There was stunned silence for a moment until the oldest boy blurted out “What?The whole team?”.

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    • “Judder-bars” sounds so much better than “potholes.” I think I might start calling them that and let everyone here guess what I’m talking about.

      You need not be in a foreign country to use a term that causes stunned silence. Sometimes it’s a generational thing. When one of my girls (as a college student) mentioned she was going out, I asked if she was planning to hook up with one of her friends. In my day, “hook up” merely met meeting someone for coffee or a movie; to my daughter’s generation, it means, well “hump.” My daughter was highly insulted that I thought she wasn’t a good girl, until we both realized the term meant different things to each of us.

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  9. markbialczak says:

    We have wildlife swimming in our potholes, CM.

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  10. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Hey, CM!! Since we you are not talking about the white stuff I’ll skip right on over that. I do however must say …. its too EARLY for this nonsense! Now I will move on. Since you wrote this last Friday I hope now by this Friday you are doing much better, not stepping into any more potholes and over with your treatment. It ducks the big one (ya know what I mean!) your camera is still out of commission. SO sorry to hear that news. I just came back from my chiropractor and we laughed SO hard when I told him yup it is official, I’ve lost my sanity. So now that you are up on the latest about that, it just goes to show ya I’m capable of saying just about anything. 😉😂

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  11. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Attention: I’ve ended up in your SPAM.

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