Lemon – Dish – Table

Have any of you gone for your annual health physical and had to fill out some really strange questionnaires?  Questions like:

How many times in the last week have you felt depressed?”

“How many times in the last week have you wanted to hurt yourself?”

“How many times in the last week have you wanted to hurt someone else?”

(Um, do annoying spouses count?)

Because I’m returning to the work force next week (yay!), I filled up this week with every upcoming doctor’s appointment I could think of, one of which was my annual visit with my primary doctor.

I was so pleased when I was not given the aforementioned questionnaire.  (“How many times have you wanted to hurt the person who creates pointless questionnaires?”)

I sat in the waiting room peacefully reading and waiting to be called in for my physical.

Once in the exam room, the nurse told me, “This year, we’re giving you a little memory test.”

Say what?  It’s a wonder I even remembered I had an appointment today!  And managed to find my way there!

The test consisted of memorizing three words (see title, above) and repeating them back to the nurse.  She then indicated I would have to remember those words to the end of the visit.


So I spent the entire visit repeating those three words to myself over and over.  It was very hard to then also answer the other, more normal, questions I was asked:  “Any problems?”  “Are you getting regular exercise?”  (Thanks to Puppy Cody, I didn’t have to lie this year!).

To make a potentially long, boring post, shorter – you’ll all be pleased to know I am very healthy (aside from the ulcerative colitis, which is currently under control).  I even lost eight pounds! (Actually, I lost twenty pounds over the last year, but then I retired and began baking again.  Someone has to eat all those cookies and cakes!)

Now, quick!  What were my three memorized words?

Hint – one of them is yellow and all three are in the title of this post, and in the photo.

I passed!  Did you?


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Image by Cordelia’s Mom

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8 Responses to Lemon – Dish – Table

  1. Jane says:

    This is a push by the government to do early dementia and geriatric testing. We (now they) had to create one for our patients. This one seems silly since it is only checking short term memory. heck I can walk from one room in my house to the next and totally forget why I went there or what I wanted. You sound excited about returning to work.


    • I admit I was afraid I might not remember those words. I can’t remember someone’s name as soon as they leave the room! Yes, I am excited about returning to work. I need the money, and I’m fortunate to have found a job I should be able to live with.


  2. Bet you’re looking forward to your first day. Good luck. I shall be thinking of you. As for memory. I forget what day it is, even if I have a calendar in front of me, and when we were on the boat I could walk from one end of the other and not remember why I’d done it or what I was looking for!


  3. Tippy Gnu says:

    Glad you passed the test. I wonder what happens if your doctor is so old he forgets to ask you what the three words were.

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  4. Karen J says:

    Yes, Jane – not only is this checking only short-term memory, but it’s also irrelevant short term memory!
    I’m glad that you ‘passed’ everything, and got that new job, too!
    Happy dancing for you, my friend!


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