Puppy Cody misses Mehitabel (may she rest in peace). Mehitabel could always be counted on for just the right viewpoint. Thanks, Anne Belov, for sharing Mehitabel with us through the collaborated posts.

Cordelia's Mom, Still


(Joint Post by Anne Belov & Cordelia’s Mom)


It’s so hard to give enough attention to your first charge after the second one arrives.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADear Mehitabel [Boss Cat],

Now that I’m big, my mom doesn’t love me any more.  Sure, she still feeds me, gives me water, takes me for walks and plays with me.  But she used to take lots and lots of pictures of me, and now she’s taking pictures of that teddy bear instead.  I don’t even know where she got the stupid thing.  She even gave it a name – “Teddy Rosalie.”

I hear she’s planning to go on someting called “photo shoots” with some of our three girls and the teddy bear – without me!

I’d love to tear the stuffing out of it, but Mom keeps it way up high where I can’t reach it.

What do you think…

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