Thanks, But No Thanks

As annoying as Not CM can be, sometimes she actually makes sense. Although her newest post does make Puppy Cody a little nervous.

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Not Cordelia's Mom


I see that CookieCakes now has her panties in a twist over whether or not the phrase “Thanks for your comment” is politically correct.

Give it up already, lady!  Who cares whether that phrase is sincere or not when used in a comment or a reply. I can’t believe all the time and space being wasted on such a silly post.

Personally, I don’t give a rat’s ass whether my readers like me or appreciate me – and you’ll notice that I have never, ever responded to a comment.  You people are simply not worth the effort.  Sure, sometimes CookieCakes jumps in and replies to my comments for me – hey, if she wants to be a pussy, that’s her problem.

I’m tougher than any blogger out there.  Wanna send me nasty comments? – take your best shot.  I can handle anything.

I think CookieCakes should stop worrying about…

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11 Responses to Thanks, But No Thanks

  1. I think I missed something here… ha


  2. Haha…love it! (。◝‿◜。)


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