Sorry Kiddo…I can’t help you

Divorce is never easy, but when children are involved, it becomes that much more of a struggle. This young man is doing his best by his son – please join me in offering support from the blogging community.

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Daddy Come Lately


My kiddo and I had a great day of adventures yesterday as we kicked off daddy’s week with him. We started by taking a climb down into a massive sinkhole at a local state park and seeing the waterfall. We even saw a snake, which he discovered crossing our path. I’m still hearing about the snake today as it truly fascinated him.


After that, we went to a large playground and as I watched him climbing and running around, he paused for a moment and got quiet and a little distant….perhaps even a bit sad. He does this sometimes and when I ask him what’s wrong he says “I don’t know, daddy”. It passes quickly but in those moments from time to time I often wonder what he’s thinking about. I often suppose he is processing all the changes he’s going through and there is little I can do but hold him…

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