Portable Hardness

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy intentions were good.

By dropping my work week down to 4 days instead of 5, I would not only have the one extra day for much-needed rest, I would also have a whole free day to catch up on housework, shopping, etc.

Hasn’t happened yet. Turns out I really did need that extra day for rest, and I pretty much spend the time just frittering around, playing videogames, blogging, and maybe an occasional light chore like dusting (although last week I did manage to scrub and wax the kitchen floor, woo-hoo!).

Who would have known that when I told my boss I needed the reduced work hours “for my health” that it would actually be true? Ulcerative colitis can really take a toll on one’s energy levels.

Anyway, enough self-pity.

One of the projects on my ever-growing to-do list is to transfer all my computer games to disc so as to save storage space on the hard drive. I don’t want to go out and buy a new computer, but the one I have is getting slow because it’s nearly three-quarters full.

Being technologically incompetent, I pondered the problem for quite awhile. Would a memory stick work, and how much storage would I need?   When I bought my current computer, it took me a full two weeks to re-download all my games.  True, Big Fish Games (where I get my games, please don’t laugh) keeps a record of every game I’ve purchased so that I can re-download them if need be.  But I like my games handy – what if the Big  Fish site goes down and I really want to play Return to Ravenhearst?  Don’t even wanna think about that bad scenario.

Finally, I decided my best bet would be to purchase an external hard drive which plugs in with a standard USB cord. I didn’t even have to pay for it because I had sufficient points on my banking rewards card to cover the purchase of the portable drive.  Therefore, I’m not losing anything if the darn thing doesn’t work.

Today is the day I’ll find out. It’s my scheduled off-work day.  As usual, I’m too worn out to do much more than sit at the computer, so it seems like the ideal time to try out my new toy.

I’ll let you know how it goes. But if you don’t hear from me for awhile, it’s because I somehow managed to blow up my computer and have to dig up funds for a new one.

Wish me luck, folks.


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Image by Cordelia’s Mom

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19 Responses to Portable Hardness

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t blow up the computer CM. What would we your readers do without you.

    More importantly, I have faith in you. Go CM, Huzzah!! 🐼💚🐱


  2. candygai says:

    Huzzah! I got faith in you CM. 💚🐼🐱🎉

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  3. Elyse says:

    I didn’t realize you had a shitty constitution, too. That just sucks.

    I’d love to know how things work out, and if it helps your overall health. I have a very stressfull job and have just come back from 2 weeks of doing nothing at all — including 1 week without turning on m y computer. It was wonderful, and now I can handle things again. I would have exploded otherwise, and with Crohn’s that ain’t a pretty sight!

    Good luck with it!


    • Dropping down one day a week has made a huge difference in my life, Elyse. There’s something about having Mondays off (or Fridays, depending on the week) that just makes it easier to get through the other 4 days. Since I can’t retire yet, that’s probably the best I can do.

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  4. I retired, so I figured I’d have PLENTY of time. Hah!


  5. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    It should work just fine. Depending on if you have a USB 2.0 or 3.0 connection, that will determine how quick it will transfer everything over.

    If you have an “old fashion” (lol, just kidding) computer tower, avoid plugging it into USB ports on the front – if you have any. They are typically USB 1.1 and slower than molasses going up hill in the middle of winter….or something approximate to that. 😉


    • Actually, I did plug it into the front, and it’s working just fine. I was able to transfer all my photos and blog stories. I would have been able to transfer my games, except that Big Fish has them configured in such a way that they won’t transfer. I would have to uninstall each one and then reinstall it directly onto the external hard drive – and that could take weeks. Arrgh.

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  6. lbeth1950 says:

    Extra time off is a Godsend. I wouldn’t have the nerve to try the computer.


    • It was easier than I thought (the computer, I mean). I wasn’t able to actually transfer all those games – it can be done, but it would take weeks! – so I just re-set the parameters so that all new games automatically get downloaded to the external drive. There’s lots of room on that drive, so I should be good for awhile.


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