The Difference Between Men and Women, says Cordelia’s Mom

Well, I wanted to post SOMETHING today and couldn’t think of anything. So, being as we just got past the Valentine’s Day holiday, I figured my newer readers might enjoy this post, which I published previously (at a time when I had something like 10 followers). Enjoy!

Cordelia's Mom, Still

Man vs WomanAside from the obvious physical differences, we all know that men and women THINK differently.  The psychological differences between men and women have been the subject of many, many studies and articles.

Personally, I’ve always felt that men and women basically have the same feelings and goals – love, family, security, financial stability, etc., but each sex simply has different ways of handling those life situations.

The psychological difference of the sexes was demonstrated quite well at a recent family gathering.

MindflexAfter dinner that evening, Cordelia’s sister brought out the Mindflex Duel game by Mattel.  For those unfamiliar with it, this game consists simply of a board with a track, a couple of foam balls, and two headsets, along with a few plastic “obstacles” (for more advanced players, or for players who don’t have a partner to “duel”).

The object of the game is to use a flow of…

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4 Responses to The Difference Between Men and Women, says Cordelia’s Mom

  1. Underdaddy says:

    How did we both “phone it in” with a self reblog today? Nice. See women and men have similarity too.


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