Can’t things just once go the way they’re supposed to?

I was all excited today because the bathroom subflooring and wainscoting went in without a hitch.  The medicine cabinet I bought fits and was installed without problems.  The plumbing is ready to be hooked up once the new vanity and toilet are installed.  The new lights will fit.

The game plan for tomorrow is installation of the vinyl sheet flooring.  I had exactly enough left from our last house renovation to fit this new bathroom (measurements were verified by the contractor).  Woo-hoo!  One thing, at least, I wouldn’t have to purchase.

But then the contractor took the flooring out to the garage to cut it, and in the better light discovered it is kinked and unusable.  The kinks will never come out, and therefore the vinyl would not stick properly.

So now I have to run to Home Depot tonight to buy new flooring so it can be installed tomorrow and keep the renovations on schedule.

But Puppy Cody hasn’t peed since 6 pm last night because she’s so traumatized – which means before going to Home Depot, Hubby and I have to take her somewhere for exercise and do her business.

Not a big deal, but with Hubby’s longer drive to and from work, it’s an additional strain on him that we really don’t need right now.

We’ll do it, of course, but it’s a royal pain in the ….


I just want this construction to be over with!

On a positive note, if I have to get new flooring anyway, I just may change the color scheme I planned on.  That’s something to look forward to, right?

As an aside, I did get leads on a number of jobs today, so I may be able to get back to work soon.  While I’m enjoying my retirement, there’s a limit to how many video games I can play, and I really need the money to pay off the loans I took out for the renovations.  And, of course, to continue to pay the mortgage, car payments, heating, electricity, etc.

I just keep telling myself that everything will work out.  Over and over again, I tell myself that.  It’s not helping.  But then again, these glitches are minor compared to other people’s problems.

I think I’ll just hug Puppy Cody, take her out, go to Home Depot, and call it a night.

Enjoy your evening, folks.


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Image by Cordelia’s Mom

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20 Responses to Sigh

  1. prior.. says:

    hugging puppy cody is truly a nice way to process and move forward while waiting to see how it all unfolds- woof
    and best wishes on the job hunt and the reno


  2. Jim says:

    aren’t home renovations fun???


  3. markbialczak says:

    Your friends are here for you, CM. Things will get better soon.


    • Thanks, Mark. So far it’s not looking good. Don’t think we can get a 12′ role of sheet vinyl into either vehicle without it sticking out the back – and it’s pouring down rain. Ugh.


      • markbialczak says:

        Man oh man oh man.


        • ok, so you’ll love this story, Mark: We go to Home Depot and pick out our flooring, which is on the 12-foot-wide roll. I ask the young store clerk if it would be possible, after cutting my 6 feet off the roll, to then cut my vinyl into two 6-foot-wide rolls so we can get the flooring into my SUV. The clerk replied, “No, I can’t do that. But I can roll it up from the short end so the roll is only 6 feet long.” Well, duh. I should’ve thought of that! Brought home the 12-ft x 6-ft roll with no problem at all because it was only 6 feet long and just thicker than it would have been the other way.


  4. Puppy Cody will help relieve your stress.


  5. willowdot21 says:

    Nothing worth doing comes easy.


  6. joey says:

    I’m glad you chose wainscotting 🙂
    I am sad about your floor, but glad you may have gotten something you like better, too.


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