Getting There

Check this out!  The general contractor is done, and the bathroom looks great, even without the vanity and toilet.

The upper walls will be painted light blue, the vanity and toilet are white, and there will be wall sconces on either side of the medicine cabinet.

The floor looks light brown in the photo, but is actually a neutral gray/light tan stone pattern.

This bathroom is the warmest room in the house because it’s right over the furnace and has a huge heat vent!  (The new vanity is tiny and cute, so there will be plenty of room for the heat to come out.)

I know where I’ll be spending a lot of time.  Maybe I should move my home office in there.

The game plan for tomorrow is to have the vanity and toilet installed, and pretty much every pipe in the house (circa 1939 and never updated) replaced.  Costly, but best to do it all at once now, rather than pipe-by-pipe or room-by-room later.

On Thursday, the electrician will install the bathroom lights and several other lights (also circa 1939) which need to be replaced.

As he was finishing up today, I asked our contractor if he would be interested in someday doing a kitchen remodel. I wasn’t surprised when he told me it would be too big a job for him.  He normally only does painting and accepts general small-job construction jobs for certain customers (yay, for me!).  He did, however, say that since the old metal kitchen cabinets (BeautyQueen, possible a 1950s upgrade, if you can believe that) are in fairly decent shape (just really old and really dirty), perhaps we should consider just refurbishing them.  He said people are selling these “antique” cabinets on Ebay.

Several people have told me the same thing.

That ugly green adhesive paper will be ripped out, no matter what I do with the cabinets!

So I checked Ebay, and they’re right.  I think I’ll keep the metal cabinets, assuming they can be cleaned and repainted – perhaps whenever I go to sell the house, the retro look will actually be a selling point.

Enough for today.  The contractors are all gone, and the afternoon is free.  Puppy Cody needs pampering, followed by quiet time.

“See” you all in a few days!


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Images by Cordelia’s Mom

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24 Responses to Getting There

  1. Tippy Gnu says:

    Wow, you’re contractor is fast. But it looks like there’s still more work to do.

    We are contemplating a kitchen remodel. We too have old cabinets. But they are in good shape, so we’re just having them refinished, like you’re planning. I hope our contractor is as fast as yours, because I don’t like being without a kitchen for long.


    • It didn’t seem fast. We were without that bathroom for a full week, and still won’t be able to use it until sometime tomorrow, after the plumbing is done. And we won’t be able to see what we’re doing in there until after the electrician finishes on Thursday. Good thing we have flashlights – and a half-bath upstairs!

      Good luck with your kitchen remodel. I sincerely hoe it is uneventful.

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  2. Jane says:

    Your bathroom looks fabulous. I had mine redone and I love it too. When we did the kitchen, we left the old cabinets up and just had them repainted. I did not want to invest that much as I had to buy all new appliances. It worked out fine. We are about to head into a construction and paint project this week. Needs to be done but I am not looking forward to the mess.


    • Someone should come up with a way to do construction without the mess. The only way I know is to move into a hotel while the work is being done, and who can afford that? Good luck with your updates – hope they go well.


  3. ladyryl says:

    I think those cabinets are adorable, hopefully you can find someone to redo them for you.

    Have fun with Puppy Cody today!


  4. markbialczak says:

    I think the bathroom is fab already, CM. And I agree that the ‘50s metal cabinets will clean up to something awesome!


  5. Barry says:

    If you do decide to do up the metal kitchen cabinets, you might like to consider having them repainted by an automotive painter. The paints they use are baked after being spayed on, giving a harder and more resilient finish. In the past I’ve done up metal cabinetry (not kitchen), which I have had sand blasted to remove all old finishing and rust, and then painted and baked professionally. The result was absolutely fantastic.


  6. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Wow, CM, looks like that contractor is doing one heck of a great job! Sounds to me like you’ve got things under control! Good for you!


  7. The bathroom looks pawsome and cozy, CM! (,,^・⋏・^,,)


  8. I love it. Though I have not found blue to be a “good” bathroom color.


    • Marilyn, my renovated bathroom in my last house was the exact same color scheme, even to the flooring. I absolutely loved the blue and white, which is why I hired the same contractor to do the same thing at the new house. Once completed, I’ll post photos – but since Hubby is doing the final painting of the upper walls, it may take a really long time. (sigh)


  9. joey says:

    Bathroom is coming along beautifully! And who doesn’t love a warm bathroom? How nice!
    I love the old metal cabinets, too. I have old growth wood, so I ain’t switchin, but I love the old metal cabinets. I’ve seen a lot of them framed out by other cabinets — some charming arrangements.


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  11. Your metal kitchen cabinets are awesome. With a little tlc you can have a beautiful/unique set of cabinets. Good luck with your remaining projects.


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