It’s a Good Day to Stay In

Here in Western New York, we’re pretty tough when it comes to winter weather.  One of our favorite sayings is, “It’s not the cold, it’s the wind.”

Today it’s a balmy 14° F, but we’re under a blizzard warning and expecting winds up to 45 mph.  With nearly a foot of snow on the ground, that’s going to blow around pretty good, and the blizzard will add more.   Already, it’s impossible to see the thermometer out the back window.

There’s a world out there beyond that snow-blown window!

Maybe that’s a good thing.  Somehow it doesn’t feel as cold if you don’t know what the temperature really is.

However, anyone who’s a dog owner knows that come snow, hail, sleet, dark of night, etc. – that dog has to go out!

Cody is ready:

Mom ??? What are you doing to me ???

Cody wasn’t too sure about that outfit at first, but once a Milkbone came into the picture, she forgot all about those boots:

Sorry about the blurriness of the photos.  The silly dog just wouldn’t stay still, and I moved my arm to try to keep up with her.  Bad photographer!

Stay warm, everyone.


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Images by Cordelia’s Mom


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31 Responses to It’s a Good Day to Stay In

  1. ladyryl says:

    Love puppy Cody’s new outfit… She is better suited up for the cold.
    Puppy Phoenix might wear the coat, but she has no desire to ever wear the boots…ever! She insists they are NOT her style.


    • Truth be told, it was not easy getting those boots on her. I had 2 on and then she balked, big time. Took a lot of soothing and coaxing, and a little inner swearing, but she did finally wear them and got used to walking around the house in them.


      • ladyryl says:

        Hehehe… I bet she wasn’t happy to have to learn to wear them, glad she did though.
        Phoenix has her back yard and goes in and out as she pleases most of the day/night, I can’t take her for long walks or runs anymore, so there is no need for them for her… no need to guard against salt and ice build-up…

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  2. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Oh what a good Mom you are!! I have been thinking about dogs in this weather concerned about frostbite when they must go out to do their “thing”. Oh yeah from your pictures it is the same here just about. I managed to go over to the barn to give Cherish the horse her apple and break up the ice on her water bucket, filled that for her and watched with satisfaction as she gulped and gulped. Having both barn cats in my “heated garage” I ignored the frozen water dishes for the cats, keeping fingers crossed that no wild cat is in that barn. I don’t think so. I usually can “sense” them. And as for what I looked like? LOL All that you could see was barely my eyes peeping out from all the gear I had on. I shoulda taken a pic. 😂


  3. Tippy Gnu says:

    I love the snow boots. Never seen that on a dog before. When our weather turns cold, the dogs forget they have a doggy door. And then we have to break out the mop.


  4. Major respect for you in getting those booties on that pup. I have trouble just with the jacket, can’t imagine putting 4 of those on…might have to be sedated ! (Me, not the dog).


  5. Love the outfit and bootees, they should keep her lovely and warm. Maggie has a coat and detachable waterproof topper, but we don’t put anything on her feet.


  6. joey says:

    Oh bless. I’m with you on the phrase. The cold doesn’t get to me like other people, but on days when the wind bites, I resent it. Y’all stay in when Cody allows, and make those snuggles.


  7. Archon's Den says:

    Cody looks underjoyed.
    Compare my photo of her. It’s crystal clear – but only caught her tail-end. 😳


  8. markbialczak says:

    Oh, CM! You’ve managed to make Ellie B’s cousin Cody look like a race dog. Yup, I can imagine her on a track, chasing the mechanical rabbit. Or maybe as a superhero dog, catching the villain! Thanks for the smile on the cold winter’s morning. Yes, here, too! No winter clothes for Ellie B. She would not stand for it, not for a second. By the way, when it’s this cold, She goes out the back door, does her thing, and is back at the side door in a manner of a minute at most.


    • Cody’s been balking about going out, too. I haven’t even tried to put those boots back on her – it takes so long to put them on, and she’s only out for a few minutes. I’ll get her used to the boots in the house for awhile first.


  9. Dan Antion says:

    Cody looks pretty cute, but I doubt we could keep booties on Maddie. She seems to like the coat, but putting it on her signals that we are going outside to sit.


  10. The outfit and boots look great on Cody. I wish the weather was cooler here so I can dress up Fire too. LOL! ヾ(=゚・゚=)ノ


  11. We’re getting the same storm, but how much is still a matter of debate. At least we only have a few inches on the ground. We have had years like you are having when we wondered if the roof was going to cave in. Hopefully we won’t have another! Love those reflective feet and the cover.


    • The blizzard ended here, but we’re still getting show every day, usually only an inch or two, but it does add up. As for the reflective feet, we gave up on those boots. No matter how tight I do the Velcro tabs, the boots keep falling off in the snow. The coat works nicely, though.


  12. nickc324 says:

    I love this post and especially the dog outfit! Stay warm and stay safe.


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