What the FRAP was THAT?

Playing on my computer while home sick today (nasty flare-up, not that you need to know that), I discovered this post from 2015. What great timing! Cody’s dog license renewal for this year came in the mail just yesterday. How could I not re-blog this post? If you’ve ever had a new puppy, this re-blog is for you.

Cordelia's Mom, Still


Puppy Cody’s dog license renewal came in the mail the other day.  Wow, it’s been a year already?

You all will remember when I found my puppy at the SPCA and brought her home.  You will recall how her name was determined.

But what you don’t know is what it was like during Puppy Cody’s first year (well, maybe you do [sort of] if you’ve ever raised a puppy yourself.)

Raising a new puppy is not for the faint-hearted.  Nor is it for those who are meek, short of patience, or fanatic about cleaning.  Trust me.

I’ve raised a number of dogs over the years.  But not one of them has been as difficult as Cody [she’s full-grown now, so I guess I should drop the “Puppy”].   Even the border collie mix and the German Shepherd were easier.    Many times I wondered whatever possessed me to go to…

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3 Responses to What the FRAP was THAT?

  1. Wow. And Gibbs hits a year in less than a week, too. How time does fly!


  2. Puppy Cody is too cute! 🐶😀


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