Male culture makes instilling healthy sexuality in our sons more difficult

I was looking for a post to re-blog this week (’cause I’m pretty much running dry on ideas of my own). I came across two – this one, and one on Aging Gracefully My Ass having to do with the current female trend of shaving one’s nether regions. It was a tough decision, but Ned’s post won out as being somewhat more appropriate for my blog. However, if you disagree with my choice and really want to read about hairless hoo-has, jump over to AGMA’s site (click here).

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Ned's Blog


I saw my first naked woman when I was 9, thanks to a kid named Jimmy, whose father had a collection of Playboy magazines under the bed. While his parents were at the grocery store, Jimmy yanked out a copy and with practiced ease flipped to the centerfold.

“Your mom has one of these,” he said, pointing between the legs of Miss August.

“No WAY!” I said, unwilling to accept that my mother could possibly have anything on her body that, in my mind anyway, looked like a piece of our cafeteria meatloaf. I left soon after, convinced that Jimmy had shown me a magazine of female freaks. When our class began studying the human reproductive system later that spring, Jimmy turned to me and winked when Mrs. Flunkem used her ruler to point out the vagina being projected onto the chalk board.

“Your momma,” he mouthed.

Years later…

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