When You “Hate” Your Kids

Having survived my kids’ entire childhood and teenage years, I can really relate to this post. So many parents are afraid to admit that there are ever times when they don’t absolutely adore their offspring. My kids were experts at pushing buttons, usually when my defenses were down to begin with. Did I love them with all my heart? Of course. But were there times I [almost] wished they would be taken away from me and spirited off to that Perfect Other Family? Afraid so.

Enjoy this re-blog!

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5 Responses to When You “Hate” Your Kids

  1. Ha! I just consider motherhood a great success if we manage to avoid eating them while their bones are still soft.

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  2. Karen J says:

    Thanks for putting this up, CM! ❤
    All so true, and indeed, better to recognize and deal with your buttons sooner than later, 🙂

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  3. People always try and sooth you by saying “It’s a phase…” and it is, but they never tell you about the next phase. HA HA. Kids are supposed to push your buttons and test your limits – it’s their job – and if that’s not happening, something’s wrong. Meanwhile deep breaths – lots of deep breaths. It’s all normal.

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