My, How Far I Have Come!

Awaiting my most recent order of books ($100 value, which I got for free by using survey credits), I thought this an appropriate time to re-blog this post from nearly two years ago (*gasp* I’ve been blogging that long?!)

Cordelia's Mom, Still

Give100PercentInstead of dragging my sorry butt to my two extra jobs as a market research interviewer, I now experience those surveys from the other side.  I am one of those many people who answer online PAID surveys.  Not a lot of money, but enough so I can keep myself in books, DVDs and computer games (and puppy toys!) – which is pretty much my life outside of my day job, anyway.

This morning, I received an offer to participate in a survey about “luxury goods.”  I did not qualify for that survey [gasp of surprise!].

Come on, panderers to the rich, famous and wannabesdo you really think that people who are in the habit of buying “luxury goods” are likely to be online doing PAID surveys?  For all of $1.00 or so?  And for which $1.00 the respondent has to wait probably six…

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