The Sick Child vs Modern Medicine

Victo Dolore was kind enough to ask me to guest post for her. Since our readership overlaps quite a bit, you might have already seen this post, but if not, I think you’ll find it interesting. I am a little surprised that so many people have commented – I guess there are a lot of nervous parents out there.

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Behind the White Coat


To a parent, there is nothing worse than having a sick child. The normal colds and childhood diseases are stressful enough, but a chronically ill child is more than many people can handle.

In hindsight, I can explain all the little incidences that cropped up during Cordelia’s childhood. But at the time, I depended on modern medicine to tell me what was wrong, and modern medicine failed. Let’s see if you can figure it out before you get to the end of our story:

I think Cordelia was about 4 when the first notable incident occurred. Hubby and I were both working that day, and Cordelia was cared for by her grandparents. When I arrived that evening, Grandma greeted me by saying, “Let me tell you what we did.” I assumed she was going to tell me they went to the movies, or shopping, or some such – imagine how…

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