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Getting better at those selfies!

Imagine my total surprise when Doobster, of Mindful Digressions, invited me to Yvette’s (Priorhouse Blog) 5-day black-and-white photo challenge.

Imagine Doobster’s courage in doing so – he knows I only just got my little point-and-shoot digital camera as a Christmas present from my three daughters.  How does he know that?  Because I’ve been boring the hell out of my readers by posting an overload of amateur photography attempts.

I’m excited to accept the challenge.  The only problem is that my camera does not shoot in black-and-white. What to do?

I started looking around for black and white objects I could photograph, like this:



Sad attempt, isn’t it?

But then a light bulb (pun intended) went off in my brain:

I live in Buffalo, New York, where it’s STILL SNOWING! Snow is white!  Hence:


Since you might not believe it’s snowing in March, I even wrote the date in the snow on the picnic table:


Unfortunately, I forgot to put the date-stamp back on (I’m still learning, dammit), so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

And, since everything in the world isn’t just black and white:


Remember that old joke: What’s black and white and red all over?


Ah, but then Doobster advised me that most digital cameras come with software that will allow you to save a photo in black-and-white instead of color.  Say what?  I started playing around with that, and ain’t technology wonderful? – I learned how to do something new.  Here is the original “Cody in the Snow” photo, and the new black-and-white version (thank you, Doobster!):


So, now I am ready for my 5-day challenge.  (Well, actually only 4 days now, because today is the first day, duh).  Bet you all can’t wait.

The rules of the challenge are that each participant must post black-and-white photos over 5 sequential days, and on each of the 5 days, the participant must invite at least one other blogger to the challenge.

It was really easy to decide whom to invite today.  When you think black-and-white, who doesn’t think of PANDAS!  And who knows pandas better than Bob T. Panda (a/k/a Anne Belov).  I don’t know if Anne will have time to accept the challenge seeing as she’s busy promoting her exquisite art work and her picture book, Pandamorphosis (available on Amazon, people – go get it!).  But the invitation has been issued – Anne, if you have the time, we would very much love for you to join us in this challenge.

My next photo, and next invitee, will be tomorrow – you’ll be impressed by both, I’m sure!


I love to hear from my readers.  You may comment on this post, comment on my Facebook or Twitter pages, or email me at cordeliasmom2012@yahoo.com or notcordeliasmom@aol.com


Images by Cordelia’s Mom

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48 Responses to Eye Candy

  1. Doobster418 says:

    Nicely done, CM. You really rose to the occasion and even figured out how to use the software to convert a colored picture to black & white. And you even managed to take a regular picture and make it look black & white. One of the bonuses, I suppose, of living in snowy Buffalo, huh?


    • Wait until tomorrow’s post, Doobster. Thanks to you pointing out that software came with this camera (I am soooo technologically inept!), I learned a few more things, which I will point out tomorrow.


  2. Elyse says:

    Love Cody both ways!


  3. You need software. And your camera probably does have a black and white setting. What you most likely are missing is a manual so you don’t know what it can do. Most P&S cameras have multiple settings, and one of them is pretty much always either monochrome, sepia, black and white, or all three. It should be somewhere under “scenes” or “art settings.” It depends on the camera.

    Good news, though. if you look up your camera online, the manufacturer almost always has a manual available online. It may not be very good, but it is better than nothing and might tell you how to work your way through the menus. There are also tons of how-to videos on youtube for just about every camera ever made.

    You might want to tell me what kind of camera it is, who made it, etc. Because I can send you links with information. There is a lot of free photo processing software online, as well as very good, inexpensive software you can buy (download). It will open up a whole new world for you.


    • Thanks, Marilyn. I do have the PDF version of the manual, and the software pretty much walks me through everything. I just never thought to look before. Until I started my blog, I had no reason to care about photography.

      I am having so much fun with this today! Just wait until tomorrow’s post – I think you’ll be pleased at the progress I’ve already made.


      • I love your Cody picture. You managed to get black and white without using a special setting, which is indicative of a very good photographic eye. I’m glad you are experimenting. That’s how you learn. We all started off not knowing anything. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that we were all beginners 🙂


  4. Dan Antion says:

    These are great photos. It’s still snowing in CT too. But the lamps and the fan are favs. I have a lamp like that in my office and we have a fan like that in our family room which has a lot of B&W going on.


  5. willowdot21 says:

    Loving the photos already!! 😉


  6. Whoa. Now that’s white. More snow. Pretty, but you’re probably sick of it. (Laughed at the red hot joke!) Warm paw waves to Cody – cute in color or black and white


  7. Paul says:

    Whew- you are getting professional with the photos CM. Very nicely done. Love the selfie – that’s a fine looking hat. I really like the picture of the tree lined, snow-covered street. And. of course Cody is looking awesome, as usual. Cool post (Oh, I am off to the hospital tomorrow – I chickened out)


    • I wondered, Paul. Don’t chicken out if you need to go. We all need you to stay healthy.

      It wasn’t easy getting a selfie to only show my eyes and not the rest of my fat face. But I do like the way it turned out.

      I’ll probably put the street photos up on Flickr.com so that other people can use them if they want. Sometimes I actually get more traffic over there than I do here!


  8. LindaGHill says:

    Nice photos my dear! 😀


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  10. Karen J says:

    Hurray for “daring” to try something new, CM, and finding that *I CAN do this!*


  11. yprior1 says:

    well I am impressed – I like your pics – and I like the fun tone that you blog with.
    I look for ward to your next installments for this challenge – ❤ 🙂


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  14. Neat, the contrast between the dog shots is great. I can tell you’re enjoying yourself. ‘S what it’s about. And it’s wonderful friends have pulled you in. =)


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