Winter Love for Bethany

This post is too beautiful not to share. Those of you in long-term relationships will relate.

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Charles Dowdy

This is a time in life where we don’t go on a lot of traditional dates.  They are most often spontaneous gatherings on the back porch. These dates usually involve the drink of choice and most often it is a double date with our dogs.

We talk about our problems. (To quote Moneyball: all uptown problems.) We share stories about our kids, our extended family, work and whatever else comes to mind. I get a hug or two but wintertime hugs are not the best hugs since she gets COLD when it drops below 60 degrees outside. So yesterday I was not hugging her so much as I was hugging layers and layers of clothes. I mean, I knew she is in there somewhere. And, I did get to steal a kiss, but it wasn’t a long one because the dogs don’t like it, and if we carry on too…

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Boob Squeeze

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m happy to report that my boobs are in excellent condition, even if the rest of me is falling apart. My recent mammogram says so.

My male readers may wish to skip this post, unless they really like reading about boobs. (I can hear the clatter of all those computers, tablets and smart phones being shut down.)

Even at my advanced age, mammograms are recommended as a preventative measure every few years. I ignored my doctor the last time he gave me a script for one, but at this year’s annual physical, I agreed to present myself to my local hospital’s radiology department forthwith.  I figured I had turned my back on enough of my doctor’s recommendations, and I didn’t want to get a notation in my chart as a “non-compliant patient,” so off I went.

There is one huge advantage to being an obese older lady – mammograms are so much easier with larger breasts.  I remember going for my first mammogram as a young woman (prior to childbirth), and I remember how much it hurt when the technician was trying to flatten my then tiny boobs on the scanning tray (or whatever it’s called).

My local hospital is quite efficient.   I had, of course, made an appointment, and a receptionist called me a couple of days before to pre-register me.  On arrival to the hospital, I was able to skip the line at the front desk and go right to the radiology department.  I may have imagined it, but I swear I could feel daggers being thrown from the eyes of people who walked into the hospital after me and were forced to stand in the registration line.

Anyway, I turned over my insurance card and photo ID. I am so glad they ask for photo ID ‘cause you know there are so many people who might steal my identity for the sole purpose of absorbing x-rays.  Another lady in the radiology line was getting an abdominal CT scan, and she was also asked for photo ID.  I’m sure there were lots of shady people hanging around who were simply dying to take her place and drink that soap-flavored contrast.

But I digress.

From the radiology admission window, I was directed to the inner waiting room. While awaiting my test, I watched the other patients and the hospital personnel.  At one point a very handsome young man in scrubs approached the waiting room, and all I could think was, “Please, don’t let him be the one doing the mammograms today!”  How embarrassing would that be?  Thank heavens, he went on past.

After about 20 minutes, I was escorted to the mammography room by a very pleasant 40-ish woman. The room was all pink-and-white – even the machine itself was white with pink banding.  Fortunately, I happen to like pink, but I know quite a few women who might object to that color scheme.  It is, after all, just a wee bit sexist.

The test itself took all of 15 minutes and was not the least bit uncomfortable since now that I’m fat, there was plenty of breast material to work with. I admit it was a little weird having that material stretched to the side for the lateral shots, but it wasn’t painful.

Once the test was completed, the technician had me wait in the room while she took the x-rays for review by the in-house doctor, who pronounced everything was A-OK. (The technician did not relay that mine were the most beautiful boobs the doctor had ever seen, but I’m sure that must have been the doctor’s opinion.)

All done! While I have many medical related worries, at least the likelihood of breast cancer isn’t one of them.  That’s a very good worry to set aside.


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My, How Far I Have Come!

Awaiting my most recent order of books ($100 value, which I got for free by using survey credits), I thought this an appropriate time to re-blog this post from nearly two years ago (*gasp* I’ve been blogging that long?!)

Cordelia's Mom, Still

Give100PercentInstead of dragging my sorry butt to my two extra jobs as a market research interviewer, I now experience those surveys from the other side.  I am one of those many people who answer online PAID surveys.  Not a lot of money, but enough so I can keep myself in books, DVDs and computer games (and puppy toys!) – which is pretty much my life outside of my day job, anyway.

This morning, I received an offer to participate in a survey about “luxury goods.”  I did not qualify for that survey [gasp of surprise!].

Come on, panderers to the rich, famous and wannabesdo you really think that people who are in the habit of buying “luxury goods” are likely to be online doing PAID surveys?  For all of $1.00 or so?  And for which $1.00 the respondent has to wait probably six…

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Spam-Bam Thank You Ma’am (February 2016)

February Dusk

Ah, the sweet flavor of success! 

Apparently, my little blog has become so well-known that now I am getting death threats from spammers. 

Reading the following email, I don’t know whether to laugh my ass off or to immediately set up a Go Fund Me campaign (click twice on the email to enlarge it):

Spam Threat

Dear Serial Killer:

Let me point out some of the many ways you slipped up:

♦  You claim responsibility for the Twin Towers AND the London subway bombing – I’m honored to think my pitiful little blog is up there with those two world-changing events, but somehow I don’t believe that’s the case.

♦  You refer to “your friend” and “he” – I don’t have any friends, and certainly none of the opposite sex.  My few female acquaintances are more likely to spend their limited funds on wine and chocolate than to hire a hit man.

♦  You indicate you “sent my boys to track you down…”  What makes you think I might not like all that male attention?

♦  You ask for $8,000 – (a)  I’m a blogger with a day job – there might be $80 in my checking account, and you can have that if you want; (b) nowhere in your email do you indicate where that money is to be sent or delivered – don’t you want your fee?

♦  Did you ever think of offering your services to me?  I have lots of people I might like to see dead, provided you can do them all for the aforesaid $80.

♦  As much as I’d like to hear “the Tape,” it’s probably not possible as I haven’t had a tape player for the last 10 years or so.  You might want to upgrade to digital.

♦  English is obviously not your native language.  You might want to take a refresher course before you send off the next email.  Good luck as I await your reply.

PS:  In accordance with your final paragraph, I promise not to tell ANYONE about your email.  It can be our little secret.


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