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I was one of the bloggers who asked this question, and now I have my answer. It’s the type of information everyone should have since so many of us reblog other bloggers’ posts. Thanks you, OM! (Oh, and comments have been disabled here – comment on OM’s site instead.

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I have been asked this a number of times in the past few weeks so I’ll make a post. You have two options to disable comments on posts. You can disable per post, which I do for reblogs because I have better things to do then to comment back on another person’s article. This option can be done under the quick edit function. Once you press that click the comment box.


Some people have accidently disabled comments for their whole site. This can be done through the settings/discussion link. Once there it is the third option down. Only do this if you hate talking to humans.


Those are two options to disable comments on posts or on your blog. Feel free to ask me if anything is unclear.


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Mr. Nibbles Died Without a Name


Wouldn’t you know I would come across a Freshly Pressed post that is not boring, thereby making a liar out of my recent post, “Always a Bridesmaid … ” This one actually deserves the Freshly Pressed designation. Please enjoy it with me.

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A young rabbit in my backyard  from a couple of generations ago.

A young rabbit in my backyard from a couple of generations ago.

As happens sometimes, I sat down at my desk this morning and couldn’t come up with anything to write about. I skimmed my reserve list of ideas, then skimmed it again. I considered just diving in, but that never seems to work out for me. I turned to current events, hoping that I could insert a new opinion of the happenings in our world. I thought about Ferguson then of ISIS and the recent bombings in Syria. But I didn’t think I could bring any fresh perspective at the moment.

I decided to clear my mind by mowing the lawn (and also because it had to be done). I changed out of my clothes into my lawn-cutting rags. I went downstairs and outside. I opened the shed and pulled a trash bin out back. I carefully moved the…

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