That Ship Is Getting Closer … (Re-Blog)



I just finished reading “Oath of Office” by Michael Palmer [ISBN 978-0-312-58754-3, copyright 2012 (for those who care)].  On page 432 of the paperback edition, he writes:

“… Lou padded to the kitchen for some cold cranberry juice and a four-pack of SnackWell’s vanilla cookies.”

*gasp* ….. *I* eat SnackWell’s cookies and drink cranberry juice!  Michael Palmer must have been writing (in code, of course), to ME!

It’s just a matter of time now before Michael Palmer’s publisher reaches out to invite me to join Mr. Palmer and all those other successful authors in compiling massive amounts of money!

I will sell the post-war suburban saltbox I live in, and buy that mansion with the thousand acres and the requisite staff to maintain it and keep it secure!  I will pay off every penny of my kids’ debts so they can have a better life than me!  I will buy SnackWell’s by the CASE instead of by the PACKAGE!

genieOh, and I will finally buy the pony I’ve dreamed of since I was 4 years old.


So nice to dream isn’t it?

It’s amazing how one minor reference to a common American commodity can create a bond with one’s readers.  Of course, I’m not totally naïve – I realize that’s what advertising is all about.

But I still get a little excited every time I read a novel or see a movie and find some reference to something I do, buy, or use in my everyday life.

Maybe the store I go to has a WHOLE SHELF of various SnackWell’s cookies, but somehow I still think that I’m the only one eating them.  Is my need to feel unique any different than what others feel?

We all have a need to feel special.

Some of us are able to satisfy that need through art, writing, music, etc.  Some are special because of their chosen careers.  Some are special only to their loved ones – but that, in my mind anyway, is the most important “special” of all.

However, I don’t think any one of us is truly unique.

In fact, even this post isn’t unique.  I’m sure this topic has been covered hundreds, if not thousands, of times.


click image to enlarge

Heck, I realized how truly un-unique I am during that whole Kindles Singles experience.

But in my mind, my perspective –  and my way of presenting it – IS unique, or at least very special.  If I didn’t think that way, I would have quit writing already.

If nothing else, there is absolutely NO ONE else who is writing a blog entitled “Cordelia’s Mom, Still” nor the mirror blog, “Not Cordelia’s Mom.”

I am the only “Cordelia’s Mom” connected to those two blogs who has received those glowing reader comments and replies to my comments on other people’s posts (where some bloggers have even given me the nicknames CM and CookieCakes, making me feel extra special, thank you.)

For now, I am content with being special to my steadily growing readership.

For now, the mansion and pony can wait.

For now, I am happy just being me – a newly minted WRITER, steadily plugging along.


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Ok, folks, I just renewed my WordPress membership for another year.  Hope you all appreciate it – stay with me, I have some exciting things planned!

(This short post is more-or-less in response to Marilyn Armstrong’s Serendipity Photo Prompt #15 – Sunlight Through Leaves.)


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Image by Cordelia’s Mom

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Spam-Bam Thank You Ma’am (July 2015)

Spicy Guam Spam

I’ve been so busy lately that I nearly forgot to do the monthly Spam-Bam post!  Not to worry – I had more than my share of spam comments this month.  Check out how well these comments mesh – it’s almost as if the spammers are collaborating:



“I do consider ɑll of the ideas you’ve introduced on yoսr post.
TҺey’re really convincing and can certainlƴ work. Nonetheless, the posts aare toߋ brief for beginners. Ӎay juѕt ʏou please extend them а little from next time? Thаnk you for the post.”


In light of the fact that this comment was written on my post, “The Difference Between Men and Women Says Cordelia’s Mom,” I have to wonder what exactly you wish me to teach you.


Comment (excerpt):

I feel I sing so much better today than I ever sang then.”


Really, sir, she won’t mind if your serenading is a bit off-key.


Comment (excerpt):

I enjoy bushes and am delighted that I – can save some true old beauties…”


Guess the serenade worked.  You’re learning.  Now perhaps you should try with someone your own age.



Burns and Allen AdFor $40 you’ll get one shared appetizer, two main courses, a shared dessert and a bottle of wine or round of drinks for $40.”


Wining and dining is also good.  I take it from your budget that you have found someone younger and less experienced?



I will properly buy some more Vimax drugs afterward. Take
care, guys and thanks for following me here.”


Well, unless she’s really inexperienced, you might want to get the Vimax first.  But inviting other guys in?  That’s just a little too racy for my taste.



DiamondAs you start out having a growing number of accomplishment in the
activity, the wait moment to upgrade increases until you want to work with your diamonds.”


From a $40 dinner with shared appetizers, shared wine and shared dessert, to working with diamonds?  Now you’re getting it (pun intended).



The [name of device] also determines your resting coronary heart price by measuring your pulse once you’re most relaxed.”


And the evening winds down …


Damn, I had fun writing this post!  Hope you enjoyed reading it.  Join me again next month – perhaps there will be diamonds in all our futures!

(As usual, apologies to the appropriate commenter if any of the foregoing weren’t, in fact, spam.  I realize that some comments suffer in translation, and I try to take that into account when determining what is spam and what is legitimate.)


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Cotton Balls (Re-Blog)

Today’s re-blog is one of my of my very best posts (at least in my own humble opinion).  Enjoy!


CottonGet your minds out of the gutter, people.  This is not going to be another story about playing games at a family get-together.  That one didn’t go over particularly well – maybe it was the shock (Cordelia’s Mom wrote about WHAT?!), or maybe no one was reading much of anything on a mid-October weekend.

In any event, what happened is this:  I was pretty much out of ideas for posts.  After showering, I happened to notice the very nice glass container full of cotton balls in our bathroom.

Humph, I thought.  Cotton balls.  There must be something I can write about using that, and I don’t recall seeing any other blog posts talking about cotton balls.  Unique is good, right?

So, what can you do with cotton balls?  Well, obviously, you can soak them in alcohol or sudsy water or whatever to clean things.  You can use them with nail polish remover to return your nails to their natural condition or to prepare them for that neon blue polish you’ve always wanted to try.

You can use cotton balls to plug up ears and bloody noses.  (Gross is good in blog posts, right?)

Lots of craft projects use cotton balls, but the only one I can think of off the top of my head is:  SNOWMEN (you know, 3 cotton balls, glue, a couple of toothpicks, and a black magic marker).

Of course, the word “cotton” makes me think of other things, too.  Do they still make that body wash with the “fresh cotton” scent?  What’s that supposed to mean, anyway?  Isn’t all cotton “fresh” (well, at least until worn, or used for bloody noses) (Double gross is even better, right?)

CottonCandyAnd then, there is – cotton CANDY.  Who doesn’t like cotton candy?  It comes in all those pretty colors, which make you think it might also be different flavors, but of course, all cotton candy just tastes like PURE SUGAR!  Yummm!

Let’s see, what else has the word cotton in it?  Well, we know what Google’s for, don’t we?

There are a bunch of actors with the last name Cotton.  The only one I ever recall seeing in a movie was Joseph Cotten, because as a kid I loved watching Alfred Hitchcock Presents on TV.

Wasn’t there once a racehouse whose name included the word Cotton?  Let’s search that  –  whoopee, I just won 3 Swagbucks for that search!  But no results for a horse named Cotton.



Of course, for those of you who haven’t figured it out yet – the foregoing is meant to demonstrate how ideas can come from anywhere and anything.

(Well, I must blushingly admit that the foregoing actually did start off as absolute panic from not having a single thought as to what I could write about.  Funny how things get turned around sometimes, isn’t it?)

If this post gleans any interest, I may start taking some serious looks at other ordinary household items.  The comedian,Tim Conway, once did a hilarious skit about SaranWrap.  It was one of the funniest comedy acts I think I’ve ever seen.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a link to that skit to post here.

But it just goes to show that pretty much any ordinary household item or product can be turned into a very funny story.

Anyone want to hear my views on ………. (nuts, my mind just went blank!  Time to start touring my house again.)


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