[Maybe] I’m Going to Kill You

MurderIn today’s post, “I’m Going to Kill You,” blogger Marilyn Armstrong poses the question:

“Under what circumstances might I commit murder — or kill someone — for any reason?”

My immediate response was:

“Normally, I would say I am not a violent person. I have trouble yelling at people, much less killing people. However, if anyone ever hurts one of my kids, there is absolutely no question that I could kill and not regret it.”

At least one other blogger agreed with me. Never mess with any mother’s child!

A little later on, however, I reconsidered the subject.  Sure, I could absolutely kill someone who has hurt my child or someone else I love – but the bigger question is: “Would I?”

There’s a huge difference between “could” and “would.”

I hope the situation never arises where I have to face that moral dilemma. Should it happen, however, I suspect that while I certainly could consider murder, something – or someone – would probably stop me.

As another blogger pondered, if you don’t catch the evil-doer in the act of causing harm, would you later be as motivated to cause harm to the evil-doer? I don’t know.  I imagine if the criminal went uncaught for, say, several weeks, by then I might have time to consider the consequences of my own choice of actions:

JuryDo I really want to go through a trial and possibly jail? Do I want my family and friends to view me as a murderer, no matter how motivated?  Would killing that person bring my child back?  Could I be content just sending the criminal to jail?  (Should I hope that another prisoner – maybe one with kids of his own – would take care of the situation for me?)

While there would be a strong urge to feel my hands around my enemy’s throat, would it really be worth the consequences?  Again, I don’t know.   Again, what I could do might not be the same as what I would do.

There are those who would view an act of reciprocal violence, done immediately against someone who has done harm, as understandable and possibly justifiable. Others view any kind of violence as inexcusable.  I’m not sure which camp I fall into, and I hope I’ll never find myself on a jury deciding the fate of some mother or father who has killed the killer of his or her child.

(I also hope that I am never on a jury where the accused is someone who has ended the suffering of a terminally ill loved one. That scenario cause me serious conflicting thoughts.)

How about you – under what circumstances could you, or would you, kill another human being? And could you forgive yourself afterwards?


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PrescriptionCost“Hi, this is your pharmacist.  I just want to let you know that the co-pay for that prescription you dropped off is $400.  Do you still want the prescription filled?”

[Sure, why not.  I just won’t eat for the next month or so.]


That was an actual call from my pharmacist after my health insurance company revised its drug formulary.  Asacol HD, which I need for my ulcerative colitis, jumped from a $50 a month co-pay to the $400 a month co-pay noted above.   My insurance prescription plan is three tiers – $15 for the first tier, $50 for the second tier, and 50% of the manufacturer’s price for the third tier.  The third tier is generally reserved for experimental and/or non-generic drugs.

There is no generic equivalent for Asacol HD, and it used to be that if there was no generic equivalent, a drug was dropped into the middle tier on my prescription plan, but now it doesn’t matter.  If it is a brand name drug, it’s top tier.  Period.  The insurance company doesn’t care if it is the ONLY drug that’s working for a patient’s particular condition.

Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t afford $400 a month for one drug.  I had to call my GI specialist and beg him to find something cheaper for me.  God bless the man, he was able to prescribe a drug with a $15 co-pay.  It doesn’t work quite as well as the Asacol HD, but it’s better than nothing.

Bear in mind that these drug co-pays are on top of the premiums paid for the insurance (about $12,000 a year) and the deductible ($5,000 a year).  Thank heavens my company pays the premiums and the deductible for me as part of my salary package.  But I’m on my own for the prescriptions.

Who’s to blame for these outrageous costs?  Do the drugs really cost that much to manufacture, or are the pharmaceutical companies just greedy?  Is it the fault of the insurance companies, who want to keep as much profit as possible, thereby refusing to pay for necessary medications for their insureds?  Is it my fault because I wasn’t born rich?  Or married rich?  Is it all of the above?

gravestoneI can’t answer those questions.  I can only hope that my insurer doesn’t suddenly refuse to cover my Remicade treatments, because those carry a co-pay of $2,300 a month.  A funeral would be cheaper.

Unfortunately, retirement is totally out of the picture, at least for now.  Sure, I could possibly take early retirement and squeak by on Social Security if I worked a part-time job, but there then would be the matter of carrying my own insurance costs until I become eligible for Medicare in a few years.  I have no interest in changing my diet to cat food so that I can have enough money to pay for medical insurance.

Anyone else want to chime in on this subject?  Are you also tired of being gouged by the drug companies and insurance carriers?


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The Evil, Evil Twin


*sigh*  Now NotCM is going after my blogging friends.  Guess she’s jealous because everyone loves the three bloggers she mentions in her post:


What Did You Call Me ?!!

(Posted by Not Cordelia’s Mom on September 9, 2014)

PsychoBitchBoy, I come back from a much-needed vacation from my retirement, and what do I find?  Not only is Cordelia’s Mom a/k/a CookieCakes still here, and still blogging, but she keeps adding blogging friends.

Who ARE these stupid people?

There’s Bob T. Panda, who seems to share a cuppycakes fetish with CookieCakes (see the comments on the Cordelia Calls It Quits post on burnout), along with Cordelia herself.  Is that sick or what?  [And trust me, you can't understand "burnout" until you've tried to cram way too much into a two-week vacation!]

There’s Paul Curran, who keeps guest posting on CM’s site.  Gee, Paul, don’t you have anything better to do?  I’ve seen your posts and the comments that follow – surely there are other, more worthy blogs you could guest post on.  You’re making CookieCakes look better than she is.  (But your stories are great!  All the more reason you should post them SOMEWHERE ELSE!)

And then, as I was catching up on my blog reading, I came across a recent post on Mindful Digressions, one of my favorite blogs.  While reading the comments to the post “Split personalities,” I noticed that CookieCakes had written one promoting me!  Well, how exciting!

Until – I read Doobster’s reply, and he called me a bitch!  How dare he!

And a subsequent commenter found it amusing!

Well, Mr. Doobster, guess I won’t be following YOU any more.  You and CookieCakes deserve each other.


Image by Luc De Leeuw


And so I must be vigilant lest Not CM scare off some of my favorite followers.  Fortunately, it appears she managed to pick on bloggers who have the experience to handle her.


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