Hey, It Works for Sculptures!


Invisible hand-crocheted plaid afghan.

Lovingly created with the finest invisible yarn.

Guaranteed to match any decor.

Lighter than a feather – you won’t even feel it wrapped around you!

Never needs washing or dry-cleaning.

Safe for pets (even those heavy chewers!).

Comes with a clear zippered plastic storage bag.*

In stock and available for immediate delivery.

$1,800.00 (U.S.), includes shipping.


* WARNING:  Although the afghan is indestructible, the bag is not.  Please keep plastic away from pets and children.


(ok, folks, do I need to include the sarcasm disclaimer?  I would assume that most of my readers are savvy enough not to fall for something like this, but who knows?  Someone did, in fact, purchase that “invisible” sculpture.)

Happy Thursday, Everyone!


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Image by Cordelia’s Mom/TeddyRosalieStudio



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14 Responses to Hey, It Works for Sculptures!

  1. More money than sense, or maybe needs new glasses! Wonder if it was tax deductible?


  2. Marc Beebe says:

    From The Emperor’s new line of clothing and apparel!


  3. beth says:

    wow, that is amazing that someone actually purchased it


  4. markbialczak says:

    Teddy Rosalie makes a strong pitch, CM. I can hear him on a TV commercial …


  5. alindaperry says:

    I have three if those. You can’t beat the quality!😂

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