Anticipation, Still

This post popped up as a two-year memory on my Facebook page, and I decided it’s too cute not to share.  Enjoy!

(PS – the ugly orange kitchen floor and disgusting chocolate baseboard have since been replaced, the neon yellow wall painted over, and the dirty brown carpet has been removed, leaving hardwood floors covered by area rugs.)


Ooooo … mmmmmm … is that BACON?

Can I have some?  Please?  I’ll be good. I’ll be soooo good!

See me being good? Just like a statue!  Ignore that waggy thing behind me, I have no control over it.

But I’m sooo good.  Can’t you see how good I am?  I’m the goodest dog ever!

See me sitting?  Such a good sit!

Can I have bacon now?  Can I?  Can I?

Thank you!  Thank you!


Can I have more?

I promise no poopies in the house.

No?  Well, can I have something else?

You got eggs there.  Can I have some eggs?

No?  But I haven’t eaten in days.

Oh, I forgot that you fed me already.  But I’m still hungry. I’m always hungry!

Can I have eggs?  Can I have more bacon?  How about some of that pastry?

No? Ok, just hugs then.

Hugs!  And pets! I love hugs and pets!  Give me more hugs and pets!

You’re the bestest Mom ever!

[contented sigh]  What a workout!  I think I’ll just quietly lie here under the table and wait for lunch.  Is lunch coming soon?

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Images by Cordelia’s Mom

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10 Responses to Anticipation, Still

  1. Tippy Gnu says:

    The trick is, don’t make eye contact. But I’ll admit, they’re kind of hard to ignore when they look at you like that.


  2. The Duke is eyeing me right this minute. He is STARVING. Always.

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  3. Puppy Cody is too cute! (´∇ノ`*)ノ

    Liked by 1 person

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