Seeing It My Way


Which of the three lines can you read best?

Say what?  There’s only one line at the bottom of the screen.  Am I going blind?

When I relayed to the technician that I only saw one line, she looked at the screen herself, said “oops”, and readjusted the set.  Now there were, in fact, three lines, and I could see all of them.


I’m getting old, but apparently not losing my eyesight yet.

Despite the fact that once I took off my glasses, I couldn’t even see the screen, much less the letters on it.  But that’s ok because with glasses, my eyesight is 20/20, and the technician was able to stamp my DMV eye test card so I can renew my driver’s license.

Which, I’m sure will make everyone (including Archon) happy, knowing that I will still be driving around on Western New York roads.  (But Archon lives in Canada, so he’s safe until he next comes to visit, which I hope will be soon.)

Having finished my annual eye exam, and confident that I’m not going to be joining my mother in the near future, I decided to visit her grave.  I couldn’t actually get to the grave due to the snow, but did get close enough to take photo of the church.

The small graveyard is on the far side of the church.

Pretty, isn’t it?  I think my mother is probably enjoying her rest there.  At least I hope she’s at peace.  I assume those patrolling police keep the neighbors from becoming too rowdy.

And thank heavens, they didn’t stop to ask me just what I thought I was doing standing in the slush alongside the road …

Happy Friday, folks.  Enjoy your weekend!

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Images by Cordelia’s Mom


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20 Responses to Seeing It My Way

  1. Tippy Gnu says:

    It does look like a pretty spot. And I’m glad your glasses help you enjoy it.


  2. I was at the neurologist all day and we established that I can’t see, but it’s probably not glasses I need. It might be … Well, we’ll know more after all the tests and my bank account is again empty.


  3. willowdot21 says:

    I am due an eye test soon….. the church is lovely and I am sure your Mum is very happy Why would t🙂he police even ask you why you were standing the slush…. is tat an arrest-able offence🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂


  4. ladyryl says:

    I just had my eyes tested a few months back, had to power up the glasses a little bit, for the most part I can still see without them if I have to for now.
    Glad your new glasses are keeping you safe and helping you see the world around you.
    I’ll have a talk to Archon about that visit… I’m sure dad would love a reason to make a trip down. LOL


  5. simplywendi says:

    congratulations on passing your eye exam!
    the church looks like a lovely, charming country church…….just like you see on all the Christmas cards. 🙂


  6. My distance vision is fine but I need readers for everything. I keep buying bigger cell phones, but it doesn’t help!


  7. markbialczak says:

    All is good in your news today, CM. I’m glad you’ll still be behind the wheel. Your mom’s resting place appears quite pretty.


  8. Archon's Den says:

    The Optical Surgeon has decided not to stab me in the left eye…. just yet. Vision in the right is actually better than before. He referred me back to my local Ophthalmologist for examination, and possible cataract surgery. I’ll SEE if we can swing a shopping weekend after it warms up a bit. 😀 I always love to watch your driving…. from a safe distance. 😉


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