It’s Amazing What You Can Do If You Try

Please welcome a brand new blogger. I’m sure we all remember those first few posts when we wondered if we would get ANY followers. It appears her site doesn’t currently allow comments, but certainly you can click the “like” button to let her know she has, in fact, been found!

ADDENDUM – I was mistaken.  There is, in fact, a comments section!  So I am closing comments here – please leave your comments on Annette’s site.

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So I am still at the early stages of this blog.  Still fearful, still reticent, still wondering why I am doing this.  Will anybody find my blog?  Will anybody like my work enough to keep coming back?  But most of my photographs have come into existence because they are advice to myself.  That I then don’t take!  So I am making a concerted effort to take my own advice and see where it takes me.  I am so afraid it won’t take me anywhere.  And that no one will see my work.  And that is the most frustrating thing.  But f I don’t try, I will never know.  And like I said, it is amazing what one can do if we just try!

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2 Responses to It’s Amazing What You Can Do If You Try

  1. Don’t worry! We were ALL new once. And if this doesn’t quite work, you can build your blog and have WordPress lose it all for you five years down the road. The future is vast and anything can happen 😀


  2. Marilyn – Shame on you for those last two sentences. We’re supposed to support and encourage new bloggers, not tell them the truth! BTW, I discovered Annette’s site does have a comments section (such errors happen when you’re trying to sneak blogging in while supposedly working your new job), so I’ve closed comments here, but I’ll let her know yours is over here if she doesn’t find it on her own.

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