Tip-Toeing Back Into the Financial World

For those you have wondered (’cause I know the world revolves around me), I have managed to stay debt light, having only the mortgage, the car lease and a couple of small loans taken out for the household renovations. – and those loans will be paid off within the next few months. In fact, I’ve managed to not use a credit card at all this year. Yay, me!

Cordelia's Mom, Still

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was nearly a year ago that I wrote my post, “Arising From the Ashes of Credit Card Debt.”

Sure, within a couple of years of declaring bankruptcy, I was able to get a furniture loan and a car loan, but credit cards were unattainable. Not that I’m a fan of credit cards, mind you, but sometimes it helps to have one. What if there’s a major expense (like the washer breaks or the dog gets sick [from eating my brand new cell phone, but that’s a whole ‘nother story]) and there’s not enough money in the checking account to cover it?

Before my bankruptcy, I had nearly every credit card that was ever offered (gee, I wonder why I never saw bankruptcy in my future?). Years later, I could understand why companies I stiffed in bankruptcy would now be reluctant to grant me a…

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6 Responses to Tip-Toeing Back Into the Financial World

  1. I commented on your original post and for us things haven’t changed much (apart from no longer being on the boat and trying to find a property to buy). Our bank is trying to get us to sign up for a credit card. It’s laughable as our income is a joke and probably only meets the minimum income requirement if we add them together. If we can’t afford it, we don’t have it. I am looking forward to haunting the second hand and charity shops to furnish and kit out our new home when we find it.

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    • It’s very difficult to avoid that credit trap. Some of us only learned by falling into it. I admit it’s been tempting over the last couple of years. A lot of the banks automatically offer a credit card with a new mortgage application. While a new credit card might be a good idea for a new home owner, it’s still best to remember that you might not be able to pay the credit card bill at the same time as the new mortgage payment. Too many people forget that and find themselves struggling to maintain their new lifestyle.


  2. Thanks for the lesson, CM. I’m very mindful now about using my credit card. I will use it for things that are necessary or in case of emergency like when the car breaks down. 🙀


  3. I am REALLY impressed! A year without using a credit card? WOW.


  4. Yes. YA YOU! This is the best way to live.


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