Teddy Rosalie Helps Out

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASeveral hours this morning were spent calculating the household budget inasmuch as my new job carries a salary significantly lower than my previous job.

While there won’t be any excess cash flying around, I should be able to meet all the monthly expenses (including the Remicade treatments – yay!), and keep the roof over our heads.

I might even be able to keep Puppy Cody in doggie treats.

But it won’t be easy.

Unbeknownst to me, while I was trying not to pull my hair out, Teddy Rosalie hijacked the tablet and went online to create her own little income stream.  I’m humbled that she wishes to help support our little family, and I’m especially proud that she decided to include Puppy Cody in the endeavor.

Teddy Rosalie, Puppy Cody and I are pleased to announce the opening of the Cordelia’s Mom Still Shop on Café Press – see the link on the right sidebar, or click here.

The shop is very much a work-in-progress.  Products will be added and deleted from time to time.  Teddy Rosalie decided not to include wearing apparel at the outset, but if anyone has a burning desire for a T-shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie, just let me know and the product will be added.

Once I (um, I mean, Teddy Rosalie) figures out how to do so, the products will be arranged into searchable categories, but that may take awhile, and I didn’t want to delay the launch.  For now, just scroll down the product page – think of it like strolling through the mall.

Even if you’re not able to purchase anything today, enjoy perusing the shop offerings.  Let me know your thoughts.


I love to hear from my readers.  You may comment on this post, comment on my Facebook or Twitter pages, or email me at cordeliasmom2012@yahoo.com


Image by Cordelia’s Mom


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17 Responses to Teddy Rosalie Helps Out

  1. willowdot21 says:

    Well this is an excellent idea well done Teddy Rosalie!


  2. In the darkest days of our poverty, my online shop saved our asses. Marketing is everything, so don’t count only on traffic from your blog. Make sure you make the listings attractive to people who don’t know you as a blogger. I used the J. Peterman catalog as my model. For every listing, I wrote a story. It worked. Good pictures and entertaining text sells stuff. Remember it takes a few months to really launch a sales site. Two months to break even if you are buying stock and another to start see a profit.

    The best of luck to you. It can be a lot of fun, once you get it going.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, lordy. Right now I can’t even figure out how to organize the merchandise into categories. It’s not the most user-friend site around. But I do like the J. Peterman idea – it will be something to work on. Thanks for the advice, Marilyn.


  3. Jane says:

    What a hoot and the prices are reasonable. I like the story to go with the items. Good luck with this all and I will be back…. I like the tote bag.


  4. Also make sure that your products are only available through your SHOP and not in “The Marketplace” It took me a long time to figure this out. Things that sell in “The Marketplace” pay you only pennies of your commission, not the full markup that you have added to your products. Also I get more sales when I add new things, and older products sell as well. I don’t make much money there, but sometimes I get a nice trickle.


  5. Elyse says:

    Good luck with it!


  6. Paul says:

    That is so cool CM. Love the Teddy Rosalie merch.


  7. joey says:

    The things are cute, I wish you good luck with your shop 🙂


  8. Vicky V says:

    You are so resourceful Teddy Rosalie. Good luck with your shop!


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