Creatively Late


What with all the recent excitement (meeting Anne Belov a/k/a Bob T. Panda, meeting a cow, etc.), I’ve neglected to thank Vicky of vsomethingspeaks for nominating me for the Creative Bloggers Award.

After all, what is more creative than developing a separate alter-ego blog (Not CM has also been nominated, but I will let her respond to Vicky directly).

Creative BloggerI am honored to once again accept Vicky’s nomination and to have the opportunity to add the Creative Blogger Award badge to my ever-increasing awards carousel (see the right side of the page, people!).

This award has only a few rules – acknowledge the nomination and thank the nominator (done!), list five new things about yourself, and nominate five other bloggers.

My nominations are as follows. I’m going to cheat a bit and simply list the last five blogs I’ve followed – but in order to get me as a follower, a blog must be entertaining or creative and just generally awesome, so go check them out:

Markovich Photo Art

Take These Chances


Out of the Rabbit Hole

Life and Random Thinking

NOTE TO NOMINEES:  You are under absolutely no obligation to accept the award, as some of you may be awards-free blogs.  Just consider the nomination as my way of honoring your work.

Now, the important part! Five things you never knew about me and were afraid to ask:

♦  I’ve never been on a cruise and hope never to go on one.  I get seasick just looking at a picture of a boat!

♦  I love to travel and will go anywhere, anytime so long as it doesn’t involve a boat. Anyone want to fund me in exchange for some awesome travel stories?

♦  My favorite pastimes are reading books, playing videogames, and drinking wine – in any order.

♦  I sometimes take stupid chances with my colitis diet.  But, hey — bacon!

♦  Over the past few months, I have given serious thought to closing up this blog.  It’s becoming more like work and less like fun.  But then, an event happens that I must share, or I get an idea I must act upon, or I find a photo shot that just won’t wait.  Most likely, you all will be stuck with me for awhile yet.  Suck it up.


I love to hear from my readers. You may comment on this post, comment on my Facebook or Twitter pages, or email me at


Teddy Rosalie image by Cordelia’s Mom

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19 Responses to Creatively Late

  1. joey says:

    Congrats on your award! 🙂
    I don’t like boats either.


  2. I am glad for you 🙂 Sometimes, blogging does feel too much like work. But when I think about stopping, I can’t figure out what else I would do that gives me as much satisfaction and I realize, I’m sticking with it. But then again, I’m not working another job … so I can make that choice. (I’m so glad I can.)


    • True. It is especially hard at times, but then sometimes writing is just the outlet I need to keep myself going. And I would miss all my new blogging friends if I were to quit. Thank you for your kind words, Marilyn.


  3. It is really true that blogging becomes more of work than fun at times but then you miss the friendship and connect with people all around the world. This was the only reason I came back after a long gap. Congrats for the award.


  4. Archon's Den says:

    So you’re firmly undecided about quitting??! Where else can you have this much fun without taking clothes off? 😆


  5. Gary says:

    You liked a comment and my rule of thumb is get thee to the audacious bloggers blog and have a look see…so here I be…and…quite mad it is so one had to comment and wander off to the bottom right corner to slap the follow button….excellent stuff…and boats….not keen either..they may sink and I hate sharks even more 🤔


    • I know. I often have trouble finding that follow button – it seems WordPress does not like to make things easy for us. I thank you for persevering, and I’m happy to have you as a follower. Just don’t expect any boating stories.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Gary says:

        No boating stories?? Then all is more than very well indeed….I love water, lakes and so forth…but prefer bankside locales myself..good old terra firms propping up the legs and all that. Nice to be onboard…although that might not be the right phrase to use 🤔

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Vicky V says:

    I love boats and I very rarely get sea sick. I’m slightly claustrophobic so I feel more comfortable on boats than planes. I always want to crack open a window on a plane – but apparently they won’t let you 🙂


  7. garym6059 says:

    Congrats to you! So if I was to show up on your front porch towing my brand new boat you wouldn’t want to spend a day with me on the lake?


  8. Laura says:

    Congrats on a well deserved award!!

    Liked by 1 person

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