Julie in the house…

Please help me welcome Julie to the blogosphere! Many of us have seen her comments – now she has blog to call her own.

(Comments are disabled here – leave comments on her new site.)

Hi Everyone!

I’m Julie, and Welcome to my No Blog. For those of you that are not aware, please allow me to catch you up to speed.

I fumbled upon the blogging world quite by accident. I started a new job, and took over the email of my predecessor. She got a daily email from “Mamapedia”. Not knowing if this was something to do with the business, I read them, because I am a good employee. I soon discovered there were some interesting stories. Some were funny, some serious, some sad, but for the most part, pretty good writing. Each post came with a link to the blog it was from. It didn’t take long before I wanted to comment; only I had to sign into something to comment…unless I went directly to the blog! (I also found I was less likely to get into it with someone who left…

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