The Difference Between Men and Women, says Cordelia’s Mom

Man vs WomanAside from the obvious physical differences, we all know that men and women THINK differently.  The psychological differences between men and women have been the subject of many, many studies and articles.

Personally, I’ve always felt that men and women basically have the same feelings and goals – love, family, security, financial stability, etc., but each sex simply has different ways of handling those life situations.

The psychological difference of the sexes was demonstrated quite well at a recent family gathering.

MindflexAfter dinner that evening, Cordelia’s sister brought out the Mindflex Duel game by Mattel.  For those unfamiliar with it, this game consists simply of a board with a track, a couple of foam balls, and two headsets, along with a few plastic “obstacles” (for more advanced players, or for players who don’t have a partner to “duel”).

The object of the game is to use a flow of air to push the foam ball up into the air and along the track.  The air flow is controlled by the mind(s) of the player(s) through the head sets.

Naturally, 61-year-old me was skeptical.  After all, I couldn’t even control my own kids and pets – beings that are supposed to have “brains” – so how was I supposed to control an inanimate foam ball?

Once the game was set up, the daughters and boyfriends/spouses took their turns first.  In each case, the men won.

I was sure that my girls and their beaus had set up a “show” as a joke on old, non-technological Mom and Dad.

Then it was Dad’s and my turn.

To get the feel of the game, we each put on a headset and played alone.   I was amazed that that little ball actually seemed to be controlled by my mind – when I thought “up” and concentrated hard enough – it went up!  Dad went next and obviously got control immediately – that ball jumped right off the board.

Dad and I went “duel” against each other.  Like my daughters and their partners, the male won again.  It wasn’t even a particularly close contest.

Now, I began to wonder – how was it that guys were so much better at this game than girls?


Well, duh – the answer was so obvious it nearly blew me off my chair:

Men have absolutely no problem concentrating 100% of their brain power on anything involving BALLS or things that go UP!  In fact, most men I know consistently have 99% of their brain power on these matters, using the other 1% for silly things like working, raising a family, maintaining a home, etc.

Meanwhile, the women playing  the game, while trying  really, really hard to concentrate 100%, were constantly finding their focus interrupted by thoughts such as:

  • I hope I can do as well as everyone else playing this – I don’t want any “I always knew she doesn’t have a brain” comments.
  • I  hope we can finish this stupid game so we can start cleaning up the kitchen.
  • Damn, I forgot to put bread on the grocery list for tomorrow.
  • I wonder what it means that the car was making that funny little sound on the way over?
  • Sure hope the dog doesn’t  throw up in the middle of the night again.
  • Why does he have that look on his face?  Better stay away from him tonight!

You gotta wonder – was this game developed by men or women?  Who’s trying to control whom?

Can’t you just picture it?

Honey, can you fetch me a beer?  (And she hops up immediately to do so.)


Sweetie, would you mind going UP the ladder to fetch the BALL out of the gutter where the kids threw it?  (And of course, being male – and UP and BALL being in the same sentence – there he goes!)


As usual, I accept both supportive comments (most likely from my female readers) and hate mail (most likely from my male readers).  Reading keeps me young.


I love to hear from my readers:


Images by: thepeachmartini, and Stefernie, and Chris Waits, respectively

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19 Responses to The Difference Between Men and Women, says Cordelia’s Mom

  1. Karen J says:

    Awkk-splupphh! (Wiping off my keyboard, now) … 🙂
    After I watched the “How the heck does this thing work??” video ( – I’ve gotta agree with you, CM! (Maybe not so much about UP + BALLS in specific, but Definitely about “men’s concentration vs. women’s multi-tasking”…)


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  3. Reblogged this on Cordelia's Mom, Still and commented:

    Well, I wanted to post SOMETHING today and couldn’t think of anything. So, being as we just got past the Valentine’s Day holiday, I figured my newer readers might enjoy this post, which I published previously (at a time when I had something like 10 followers). Enjoy!


  4. Archon's Den says:

    I would ‘like’ it again, but that takes one off my site, and I need all the head start I can get. You’re closing on me fast. 😀


  5. stephsgrn says:

    Love it! I had no idea this game existed, I’ve gotta check it out!!


  6. I don’t know if you can still get the exact same version, but I believe Amazon does carry a Mindflex Duel game. It really was fun.


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