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Award FU (“Follow-Up” – you smut-minded people!)

Thank you to those readers who responded to my self-serving award post!  I wasn’t sure how that would go over, but you’ve demonstrated that at least some of you not only really love me and my blog (yes, grammar police, I … Continue reading

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This Is Not A Food Blog

According to Wikipedia, humus is: “In soil science, humus (coined 1790–1800; < Latin: earth, ground) refers to any organic matter that has reached a point of stability, where it will break down no further and might, if conditions do not … Continue reading

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WordPress Meet and Greet #3 – All Bloggers Welcome

Here’s a great opportunity for all of you to gain some exposure (um, readership). In case you don’t already know it, Opinionated Man has over 36,000 followers!

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Statistics Don’t Lie … Or Do They?

This post was not on my Preview of Coming Attractions, but I’m pissed and felt a need to write it NOW. Either NO ONE at all is reading me (and I find that REALLY hard to believe seeing as my … Continue reading

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