Country Birthday with Dog

Look at those eyes!

On Sunday, it was 86 degrees F in Buffalo, NY – a record.

(On Monday morning, it was 36 degrees F, but hey, that’s Buffalo.  Here you can experience all four seasons in a span of 24 hours.)

Now that the COVID pandemic has mostly passed, we feel more comfortable going out generally, and getting a chance to visit my daughter’s 12-acre “estate” and to meet the new granddog was something that simply couldn’t be passed up.

Meet Gunnar – a rescue dog whose DNA test revealed him to be 100% German Shepherd.  (I kind of dispute those results, but he is the spitting image of my Riggsie, who was purchased from a reputable local breeder, so who knows?  If Gunnar isn’t purebred, he’s at least 98%.)

Upon our arriving at the “estate”, Gunnar definitely showed that he will do his job to protect his family.  Good thing he was on leash as we we got out of the car, ’cause I gotta tell you, I would not mess with that dog!

However, he calmed down once he realized we were family and not there to harm anyone.

And then he became a very lovable [big] puppy.  If some of my photos are a little blurry, it’s because Gunnar slobbered on my camera lens.

Daughter and her husband recently put in a backyard pond:

Gunnar seems to enjoy the water (unlike most German Shepherds, which is why I think there may be just a teeny bit of lab in that mix), and is learning to swim:

Afterwards, it took two people to dry him off:

Then it was time to go inside for my wine-and-snack birthday.  I was so busy enjoying the spread that I forgot to take pictures of it.  But trust me, it was awesome and yummy.  There were even venizon meat sticks from a deer bagged right on their own property.  I tried not to think of Bambi and just savored the deliciousness.

Like every dog everywhere, Gunnar wanted his share of treats, and he’s being well-trained to wait patiently for them:

No stealing food off the table in that house – at least not when company’s present.

Gunnar makes me miss my Riggsie sooooo much.  What good boys they both are (were).

Puppy Cody went nuts when we arrived home after our festivities.   She knew we had been with another dog – how dare we?!  But after her own outside time (we don’t have a pond, thankfully), and lots of hugs and treats, she forgave us.

And now, having lost some of my blogging touch, I can’t figure out how to end this post, so I’ll just say I hope you all enjoyed reading about my birthday visit as much  as I enjoyed being there.

Hugs, all.


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Images by Cordelia’s Mom/TeddyRosalieStudio

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13 Responses to Country Birthday with Dog

  1. He is gorgeous! Maya (also 100% GSD and KC registered) love the water, always happy to go splashing in the sea (don’t know if she can swim yet) and she loves playing with the garden hose!


    • Ah, which disproves my theory that German Shepherds don’t like water. So, maybe Gunnar IS a purebred. Either way, he is loved dearly.


      • Kizzy was unsure of the water at first (she was also a GSD but had never seen the beach) but when she realised the cooling effects on a hot day, she sat in a stream and wouldn’t budge!
        I think it all comes down to what they were exposed to as pups. We are trying to find someone with a horse for Maya to be introduced to.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. ladyryl says:

    Joyous Natal Anniversary Dear..!!
    What a lovely dog and sounds like you had a good day of it too….


  3. Dan Antion says:

    He looks like a fine dog. If the celebration was in your honor – happy birthday.


  4. Prior... says:

    Gunnar is beautiful and what a great pond he has to enjoy
    And glad you have puppy Cody – who has to be moving out of puppy stage by now ? Am I correct –
    Well they can always be puppies as they are out fur babies
    And happy belated birthday


  5. markbialczak says:

    Here’s to new family member Gunnar, a true beauty for sure, CM!


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