Freedom Truckers

My eyes teared up when I saw this link to my own post. Paul Curran did indeed affect so many of our lives, even those who never actually met him. Just before his passing, he was making plans to come to the U.S. to meet a few of his blogging friends. I’m so sorry he never got to make that trip. Rest in peace, Paul Curran.

See, there's this thing called biology...

I have been closely tracking the great truck convoy for freedom going across Canada in protest of vaxx mandates. Trudeau tried to dismiss them alleging they were just a tiny fringe group of extremists. Methinks not on account of the fact that those trucks just go on for miles and miles, one of the largest convoys I think I’ve ever seen. Even better, the unity and support across Canada has been a sight to behold. Everywhere you look, up and down the roads, on overpasses, are great crowds waving and cheering their support as the trucks pass through, so, so many trucks it takes hours for them to all pass. Even more amazing, it’s like, 7 degrees out there! People pouring out into the streets to greet those trucks in frigid weather, is so not a fringe group of extremists.

It’s just a beautiful celebration of solidarity and unity,

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  1. AmyRose🌹 says:

    God bless you for posting about this, CM. I too have been following this closely. I’ve been so emotional as people are finally realizing we have been living under horrific conditions called tyranny. Washington, DC is next I hear that truckers plan on going to.

    I’ve not been blogging ….. Spirit has had me behind the lines radiating LOVE to the world and to maintain an attitude to contribute to those who are holding the line not complying to tyranny. To see this convoy has had me crying. We are finally getting to the end of this nightmare. I’m with you 100% in spirit!!! BIG (((HUGS)))!!!! xoxo

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  2. markbialczak says:

    Oh, CM. You know how much I miss Paul as well, having been one of the bloggers in weekly contact with him to take my turn having my spot hosting his Sunday coffee guest blog. That was an incredible run of friendship, right up until the week his blog didn’t show up and I got no answer to my emails to him and, well, painfully nothing until there finally arrived an email from his Canadian friend whom he’d told to message me “in case.” Here’s to Paul, the writer, the friend, the man with a heart so big and a mind so curious.


    • Ah, I do remember. And don’t forget the earlier time Linda drove 2 hours to check on him because no one had heard from him in quite awhile. I don’t know that any other blogger (or rather, non-blogger in Paul’s case) would have inspired such loyalty in the rest of us.


      • markbialczak says:

        I so remember Linda telling the story of spotting Paul outside his place — recognizing him from that little photo only — and sticking her hand out and only knowing to introducing herself as, “Linda, WordPress.” That said it all about our connections, really, CM.

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  3. Trent Lewin says:

    Thanks for the shout-out to Paul. I miss him. I really do, and I know you do too.

    As for the rest of that initial post, I’m glad that people in Canada have the right to protest openly, but I am so embarrassed by this convoy of truckers, some of whom showed up with Confederate flags, other of whom swarmed a soup kitchen or defaced a monument to Terry Fox. The organizers of this march are known extreme right wing radicals. They have the right to protest, and I have the right to vehemently disagree with their position. I’m sad.

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    • I hear you, Trent. I tried to stay away from the subject of the initial post and focus only on the part about Paul. Personally, I’m fully vaccinated and boosted and think everyone should be, but I prefer to leave everyone else to their own opinions. Provided those opinions don’t include inciting or committing violence – I don’t condone that.

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      • Trent Lewin says:

        Yeah I hear you. I’m just worried about how this pandemic will end, or if it will. I figure if there aren’t enough people vaccinated, it’ll keep going, and we’ll see more variants, and that’s just bad news for us all. I’m getting honestly (although probably unjustifiably) mad at the unvaccinated, because I think they’re prolonging this pain now.

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        • nevenka2005 says:

          No my dear, My son in Canada, married to a doctor who works in a hospital, run out to get the first vac available, Astra Zenia and had bad effects with his memory brain for over 1 year, taking pills that were supposed to be for one month. Finally he can travel by air, shows you how bad his brain was after these vaccines.


          • Trent Lewin says:

            Ah yes. The anecdotes. I took the vaccine and had zero trouble. So what’s the truth? I’ll tell you. It’s in the sample set. The vast majority of people who take the vaccine will not be harmed. The vast majority of people in the hospital with Covid are unvaccinated. Nothing is ever 100% perfect, so we take our chances based on probabilities. Personal anecdotes are irrelevant.


            • Well said, Trent. I had 3 Moderna doses (even my booster was a full dose because I’m immune compromised) with no problems, while others have had side effects after just 1 dose. Fortunately, the majority of people handle the vaccines just fine.

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  4. alindaperry says:

    I can’t take sides but, I can give an opinion only.
    The mandates in NY were lifted IN WORD ONLY. Masks are still required in too many places. God bless the Canadian truckers and everyone who helps free nations stay free. February 11, 2022


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