Blogosphere in Mourning

More than 5 years since his passing, and I still think of Paul pretty much every time I post. He was my inspiration, and were it not for him (and several other steadfast supporters), I would have folded up my tent a long time ago. I’m reposting this today for the benefit of my newer followers who never had a chance to “meet” Paul Curran. There’s also a special link in the right sidebar under Categories, by which you can read most of his stories.

Cordelia's Mom, Still

foggy-sunrise “FOGGY SUNRISE” by blogger/photographer Daniel Antion (

Re-blogging Mark Bialczak’s post simply wasn’t enough.  I need to write out the pain.  Our good friend, Paul Curran, has passed away.

Our guest blogger, Paul Curran.

I “met” Paul Curran when I was a tiny blogger with less than 100 followers, and he began commenting on my posts.  His comments were always worth reading – often funny or witty, often sympathetic, and always long.  Lordy, Paul’s comments constituted posts all by themselves!

In preparation for writing today’s memorial, I pulled up all of Paul’s comments on my blog – there were 73 pages of comments!  I’m still crying.

His very first comment on my blog was on March 21, 2014, on my post about naming my new SPCA puppy.  Paul wrote:

Hi CM! First time here – I bopped over from OM’s site. Cody’s a great name for a dog. I’m 100% with you!

(In reviewing…

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5 Responses to Blogosphere in Mourning

  1. Barry says:

    Paul and Doobster418 are the two bloggers who encouraged me to start my own blog. Those were the days when my comments were often as long as Paul’s (mine still tend be be rather lengthy). We seemed to frequent the same corner of the blogosphere and I came to view him as a friend. His guest posts here is why I started following this blog. I still miss him after all these years.


    • Doobster was one of my early followers, too. I loved his wit and appreciated his encouragement. I often wonder what ever happened to him. So many bloggers have simply vanished over the years. Some, like Paul, have died, but others are just not here on WP anymore. That’s why I posted that I would be cutting back, so people wouldn’t worry when my posts slowly dwindle to nothing.

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  3. markbialczak says:

    Yes, our inspiration. Indeed, CM. I miss his words so.


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