Yes It’s a Big One

 I suppose I should be happy that I’ve made it to my 70th birthday.

Much better than the alternative, right?

Having taken the day off from work (no one should have to work on their 70th birthday!), I planned to spend a quiet day adjusting to my further advancement into [much] old[er] age.

Mother Nature and the electric company had other plans.  I woke up to a power outage.  No big deal, this happens a lot on my street.  So much, in fact, that I’m trying to talk hubby into installing a whole house generator.  Power outages are tolerable when it’s warm, like today, but in the winter it’s really annoying to drag the portable generator out of the garage and hook it up if the outage lasts more than a couple of hours.  Eventually, hubby will get tired of doing that and agree to let me spend the money for the whole house generator.

But I was really looking forward to a leisurely hot breakfast this morning – and my stove, the microwave and the toaster over all run on electricity.  I resigned my self to bottled water and nibbling on baked goods my neighbors had brought over from the church’s bake sale.

I have the best neighbors ever!  Because I couldn’t cook up scrambled eggs, they brought over some hard-boiled Easter eggs for me to enjoy on my birthday.  It definitely has brightened up my day knowing I now live on a street where people watch out for each other.  So glad we made that move 4 years ago!

As for the rest of the day, now that power is back on it’s time to put in a DVD and bring out the crochet work.  My baby and toddler afghans have become quite popular, but I’m between orders at the moment.  I find I need to keep my fingers busy while watching DVDs, so I will continue to make afghans and hats until I get new orders, and whatever I complete now will likely be donated.  There are lots of local charities that can use handmade hats and blankets, and it makes me feel special to know people are enjoying my work.


It’s a gorgeous day here in Western New York and I really need a haircut, so I guess I’ll go take care of that.  Maybe on the way back I can stop and buy myself a nice takeout dinner.

Not such a bad birthday after all.

Soon these will appear again. I can hardly wait.

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24 Responses to Yes It’s a Big One

  1. ladyryl says:

    Joyous 70th Natal Anniversary CM..!!
    May your day be lovely.!


  2. Carol says:

    Happy 70th! I just celebrated my 80th a few months ago, and am hoping for several more, as long as I can move my body around. Your blankets/afghans are lovely. I’ve been knitting scarves while I watch TV because my hands need to keep busy – I plan to donate them to homeless shelters. During the day, I weave – some of which I put in my Etsy shop, some of which I plan to donate to a nursing home. Just gotta get myself there with a box of woven things. I just started teaching myself to do a double weave – that’s two layers in one weave, open on one side, folding on the other so the concept is when I take it off the loom, it will open to double-width. If it works, I’ll call it a baby blanket and make more that can be either baby blankets or lap robes. I’ll use mostly bamboo cotton blend yarns for the baby blankets.


  3. willowdot21 says:

    Happy Birthday I am so pleased that you have lovely Neighbours. I do hope you have had a great day. Stay safe and happy 💜💜


  4. Prior... says:

    Happy 70thmy sweet blog friend
    Wow! Such a milestone and each day is a gift


  5. Newbloggycat says:

    Happy 70th birthday, CM! And many many happy returns of the day. Enjoy your special day! Stay safe and healthy. ( •ॢ◡-ॢ)-♡


  6. I Admire everyone who weaves, knits and sews. So great that you keep those crafts alive! Happy Significant Birthday!


    • I did knitting and crocheting as a teenager and young adult, and decided to return to it recently because I wanted to keep myself busy. I’m glad I did. It brings back memories of my youth.


  7. markbialczak says:

    Happy special birthday, CM. Glad your neighbors pitched in to help you make it a good one!


  8. candidkay says:

    A very belated happy birthday to you! I hope this trip around the sun is off to a good start!


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