Writers Gotta Write – Photographers Gotta Photograph

Way back when I first started  blogging, over on Cordelia’s site, I wrote a post called “Why I Write and Will Continue to Write.”

Don’t bother trying to find that old post – Cordelia has since taken down my early posts to make room for her own work (the little dickens), and since she has launched into a paying writing career, that old site has not been updated in awhile.

In any event, in that old post, I said that I would write until it was no longer fun for me.  There have  been several occasions over the years when writing this blog became more work than fun, and on more than one of those occasions, I seriously considered closing up shop.

But then I discovered photography.  And that is fun.

Even when it makes me sneeze.

So, at those times when my writing muse has abandoned me, you will be treated to even more of my photographic efforts.  At least until the weather changes.



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Images by Cordelia’s Mom/TeddyRosalie Studio

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10 Responses to Writers Gotta Write – Photographers Gotta Photograph

  1. I’m waiting to get used to all my changes of medication. All i want to do is sleep!


  2. markbialczak says:

    I know what you mean, surely, CM.


  3. Dan Antion says:

    I find that the two go hand in hand. Whatever inspires you is good for us.

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    • You’ve got that right, Dan. Sometimes I start with a post and then go out and find a photo to take; sometimes I have a good photo and figure out a post to write to go with it. So long as everyone enjoys what I do, I’m content.

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  4. What used to out me off photography was the cost of getting the film developed. Now with digital photos, I enjoy taking snaps more than I ever did.


    • For sure. It also occurred to me recently that with a film camera, you were at the mercy of whoever developed that film, unless you had your own darkroom. What might have been a really good photo could be ruined by a poor development technique. Of course, now we only have ourselves to blame if a picture doesn’t turn out well.


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