Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Home From Work I Go (Legally)

After a long work week, I came across this older post and simply couldn’t resist sharing it with you again. My new job may be the pits most days, but at least I no longer have to drive through city traffic.

(BTW, the best part of the story is at the end – be sure to click through to the original post!)

Cordelia's Mom, Still

Rush HourDriving home after a long workday is never easy – rush hour, crowded expressways, aggression and anger.  Personally, I avoid expressways as much as possible, but my route through city back streets often has me biting my nails and wearing out the car’s brakes and horn.

Really, people:  a stop sign means that you are supposed to STOP your vehicle, not keep rolling slowly with an eye to stomping on the gas pedal as soon as there’s a two-inch break in oncoming traffic.

Bicyclists:  the narrow far right lane is there for a reason, and there’s a reason it has the picture of a bicycle painted on it – maybe it’s specifically for your use?  Do you think?  And I hate to tell you, but the stoplight and stop sign rules apply to you as much as to vehicular traffic.  Weaving around moving cars and trucks simply is not…

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