Art claims he’s not a photographer, but I think he does a fine job. However, this post is awesome because of what he writes about “perspective “- be sure to read the text . Nicely done, Art!

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Pouring My Art Out


Taking photographs is an art, and like all art, it has hidden depths worth exploring. Just framing a nice shot in the lens of your camera is fun, and you can end up with some great shots, much like doing a paint-by-numbers  project allows you to end up with a painting, or sticking a frozen pizza in the oven allows you to end up with dinner. But exploring the depths is how you discover new things and hidden treasures.

That picture up there is simple enough. White flowers on a tree in bloom, and something looming indistinct in the background.


There is almost the same shot, but with the focus now set on the tower beyond the tree. I am not claiming to be any great photographer, and I am reasonably sure that there are settings on my camera that would have allowed me to take a third picture in…

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