JUST ME AND THE KIDS (Guest post by Stephanie)

I’m honored to present a new guest poster – Stephanie of Making Time For Me.  No, Stephanie’s not “new” – she has more followers than I do!  But she might be new to some of you, so after you’ve enjoyed her guest post, click on over to her site to  check out her other tales of family life, marriage, raising kids and stepkids.


My husband wrote this quote on his Facebook Page for Mother’s Day.  When I read it, it was so simple and yet it made me cry.

I came across this quote today (9/28) in my Media on WordPress, and it immediately sparked a post within me. Paul, my husband, started a new job on Monday.  A job that, no matter how it plays out, will mean some changes for our family.  Changes particularly around time.  He has been working 7-4ish, Monday through Friday ever since we started dating.  Well, his weekday hours will be about the same, but he is going to have to work a couple of Saturdays a month now.

When I was talking with a couple of co-workers about it yesterday, I said, that just gives me more time with my kids.  In this giant family, it is a rare occasion that 1 parent is at home alone with the children.

This will give me an opportunity to do some fun things with them, engage with just them and allow them to teach me how to play their video games (they usually ask Dad).

More than anything it will give me time to pull each of them aside, upstairs away from the chaos and check-in. Just Mom and them.  Time to build those relationships and bond more with them.

Paul and I have been married for nearly 5 years.  So my oldest 3 kids have been in my life just over 5 years. Yet, because they are only at our house every other weekend…I am not as bonded with them as I would like. Slowly, the older boys and I have built an amazing connection, they have a more outgoing personality to begin with.  The 10 year old though, she is naturally very quiet and reserved.  She says about 10 words to us (Paul and I) the whole time she is here.  I know that she loves me and she knows that I love her.  I want to have a conversation with her, though.

I am thinking that on the Saturdays where it is just the kids and I, I make purposeful conversation with each kid.  Bring them upstairs to sit on the couch with me.  Each for a few minutes so that we can connect and talk about things that are on their mind.  Even if it is just to tell me about something happening at school, or with their extra-curricular activities.  With each of the 6 kids, a few minutes of 1:1 Mom time!!  Sounds good to me, although I am sure they will hate it.  LOL!  After all, it will mean that I am taking them away from their video games.


Making Time For Me



Let’s all give Stephanie a round of group hugs.  Marriage and family life is hard – blended families take it one step higher.  But it sounds to me like Stephanie has a good handle on everything.  Sort of makes you want to go over to her house on a Saturday and sit on that couch with her and her kids, doesn’t it?


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Image by Stephanie

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  1. Thanks for the opportunity friend!

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  2. You’re doing a great job raising 6 kids, Stephanie! And here I am struggling with two girls. God bless you for your love, time and patience.(*’∀’人)♥

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