Office Dynamics (Are We There Yet?)


Tomorrow is my last day at my current job.

The last couple of weeks have been very stressful .  Despite the previous excellent interviews, no offers – and the very real fear that I would be forced to accept unemployment, which would barely cover my mortgage.  I might find myself sitting home and coffee-klatching with the loony neighbor!  Aargh.

Late last week, I received an text message from a paralegal who happened to be down at the County Clerk’s Office doing a closing. The text said that Attorney Z is looking for a real estate paralegal – call him!  Um, I already interviewed with Attorney Z, and he’s still asking around for candidates?  Guess I didn’t get that job.  Nuts.

On, I learned that a local car dealership had viewed my resume in reply to my application to be a new car salesperson. (Heck, I certainly buy enough cars, I should be able to sell them, right?)

I received a call from a foreclosure law firm which needs a paralegal to be in charge of the Buffalo office. They were seriously impressed by my experience (“We’re having trouble finding someone qualified …”) – but the entry-level salary they offered was too close to maximum unemployment benefits, and the stress level would have been humongous.  Sorry, if I’m going to be paid entry-level wages, it’s not going to be for a high-stress job.

This past Monday was my normal day off. On Tuesday, I walked into my office at 8:15 am, and heard the boss say “Good Morning!”  My boss hasn’t said Good Morning to me in the 17-1/2 years that I’ve worked for him.  Not.A.Good.Sign.  The boss followed me into my office and before I even sat down informed me that Friday would be my last day.  At that point, I noticed that all my active files were gone.

Ok, I knew it was coming, but I expected more than 4 days actual notice! Especially since just last week, the boss had told me I could stay on until mid-August because  the firm wouldn’t be officially closed yet.

Time to get serious.

Not that I wasn’t serious already.

For years, I’ve considered becoming a real estate agent and seeing what it’s like on the other side of the deal. So, I met with the recruiter from one of the large local companies to discuss training and cost.  Definitely do-able, and definitely something I plan to do as part of my long-range goals.  It would be a dandy way to supplement Social Security, especially if I can build a clientele before then.

But I still need to eat now.

The boss seemed surprised that I had not yet received The Call from his golfing buddy, Attorney X. To be honest, I was a little surprised, too – but I had since learned that the reason Attorney X loses employees is because he’s abusive.  Rumor has it that he once threw a stapler at his assistant, hitting her in the forehead and requiring her to go to the ER for stitches.  Allegedly, she sued and subsequently retired.

But hey, Attorney X is willing to pay!  (If he ever calls, that is.)

Meanwhile, I frantically worked to clean up my office and close all the older, inactive files. Maybe I was being booted out, but I still wasn’t going to leave a mess behind me.

Long about Wednesday, I received a call from a colleague telling me she had dined with an attorney friend whose firm is considering adding a paralegal position. I fired off an email attaching my resume.

Shortly thereafter, on the same day, I received an email from the first attorney I had contacted (the one who warned me, “Just don’t go to Attorney X, he’s terrible.”).  There’s a sudden change in her office, and if I’m willing and able to do two types of legal work, she might be able to use me.  Would I want to meet with her?

Well, duh.

Tomorrow is my last day at my current firm. Will I find myself unemployed at the end of it?  Will someone take pity on me and offer a mercy job?  Will my boss feel remorseful and drop a ton of money on me?  Will I go out looking for that tall building to jump from?

Come back tomorrow to find out.


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35 Responses to Office Dynamics (Are We There Yet?)

  1. Elyse says:

    You will find something — and not a building! I think real estate is a great idea — maybe you can pair it with paralegal work to start with.


  2. I feel your pain having been there so many times over the years. I think a total of five companies for which I worked went bankrupt, but it may have been more. Three in Israel and two up here. And a few others almost did, laying off everyone to avoid going under. For a long time, I was able to hop into a new job before being out of work for more than a couple of weeks, but eventually, the economy went blat and I went blat and it got harder. I was still getting nibbles till the end. I still get nibbles now and again. Nibble, unfortunately, aren’t bites, Even a bite isn’t a fish until you land it. It that too much analogy?

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    • My brother’s going through that now. He was laid off a year or so ago, and now his severance has run out. He went from being VP of a profitable company to sitting at home looking at the same want ads I look at. It’s tough economy out there.


  3. Dan Antion says:

    Still keeping a good thought for you.

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  4. garym6059 says:

    I’m working the Buffalo bar association right now with secret voodoo dolls that you get THAT CALL tomorrow :). Good Luck!

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    • Hopefully you mean the bar association where you can get beer and whiskey. The other one isn’t at all afraid of voodoo dolls or anything else. But if the dolls work, I will be calling you the next time I need any kind of help.

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      • garym6059 says:

        I meant the “FUN” bar association LOL. I’ve already got my battle wounds and scars from the “other” gutless bar association. My daughter lives 90 minutes away now because of those asshats!

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  5. Victo Dolore says:

    Gaaaaahhhh!!!!! I cannot stand it.


  6. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    Wishing you luck, I hope you find something.

    Just as a bit of perspective, I spent quite a few years in management and got a 3-hour notice that my services were no longer needed. Quite a shock considering my time in and my performance but no unexpected as my company got bought out by a private investment firm.

    Point is I decided on an entire career switch. Wages were horrible compared to what I was used to making but almost 10 years later, still with the same company and loving what I do.

    Don’t just look at what $$ the company is offering today, take the time to consider where you could be tomorrow.

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  7. Oh, CM! So sorry to hear you’re still waiting. I think I’m going to join you for a glass of wine. I’m stressed too! ╭〳 . ˘ ۝ ˘ . 〵╮


  8. Paul says:

    Fingers and toes crossed!


  9. Prior-2001 says:

    Hi – sending good thought me and crossing toes and fingers like Paul!
    Sending a big hug too – xxoo

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  10. Fingers and everything else crossable crossed for you.


  11. What a week, CM. Don’t go looking for that building, trust that it will all work out. Wishing you the best. 💘


  12. socialbridge says:

    Hoping, HOPING all works out well for you.


  13. joey says:

    The stress. Oh the stress. I hope you’re taking care of yourself. I just about can’t stand reading it, so I cannot imagine how you feel.

    Dare I say, Enjoy your weekend?

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  14. Karen J says:

    I’ve already seen tomorrow’s headline, CM; sending you Hugs anyway!

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