“I don’t want a second dog. I don’t need a second dog.  I can’t afford a second dog.  I can’t handle a second dog.”

Repeat, repeat, repeat until a state of acceptance has been reached.


Cody is not a huge dog, but at 44 lbs. and being half German Shepherd, she is perfectly capable of taking down an intruder.  However, at 44 lbs., she’s still small enough that if hubby and I had to go into an apartment, we could probably find a way to take her with us.  We decided that we were happy with one dog.

But me being me, I simply couldn’t resist looking at the SPCA website.

And there was Chloe – a mixed lab/shepherd who looked amazingly like Cody, except that Chloe had unusually large, pointy ears. Only 8 months old, and just listed on the website that day.  And look at those eyes!

I brought the subject up to my husband that evening, explaining that two medium sized dogs could be as effective as one large dog and that we could each walk one dog. And Cody could have a sister to keep her company while hubby and I were at work.  We decided to discuss it after Cody’s evening walk.

Wouldn’t you know it – on the walk, we were approached by another dog who was off-leash, and Cody went absolutely ballistic. It took both my husband and me together to get her under control and back to the car.

And that was the end of the maybe-we-should-adopt-Chloe discussion.

I thought.

The next day, I had a slow point at work and [again] me being me, decided to go back on the SPCA website and look at Chloe’s photo. After all, maybe Chloe really would fit in, and Cody would love a playmate.  We already have the crate and all the puppy supplies, and the SPCA has a very nice gift shop where a new collar and leash can be purchased.  Today was the one day a week the SPCA was open late.  I could stop on my way home! 

By golly, maybe we do want a second dog! Cody and Chloe – doesn’t that sound sweet?

Fortunately for me, Chloe had already been adopted, and reason returned.

I’ve stopped looking at all pet adoption websites.

At least until the next time.

Puppy Cody

PUPPY CODY’S FIRST VET VISIT (photo take by Sheridan Animal Hospital staff)


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Images by Cordelia’s Mom and staff at Sheridan Animal Hospital, Tonawanda, NY, respectively

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32 Responses to Mantra

  1. Trent Lewin says:

    I can’t even handle a goldfish, let alone two dogs… I have to say, I felt a bit bad for you when it turned out that Cody had been adopted – sometimes, reason is overrated, eh.


    • Adopted dogs are the best, Trent. They have the strongest genes from all the breeds that comprise the mix, whereas purebred dogs tend to have tendencies towards certain genetic diseases. I’ve had both, and my SPCA dogs have always lived longer and been healthier during their lives.

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  2. I remember my Mum saying she would never have another dog after having to walk the five miles into Poole to return alone as our dog couldn’t handle the bus. My Dad was looking a bit sheepish one day when Mum and us kids got back from the cinema. The threat of either it goes or I do was overcome by a pair of big brown eyes and a lick or six. The dog lived to be 17.

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  3. Elyse says:

    I don’t even look … If we had a fenced yard, or if my husband disappeared, though, I’d probably consider it. Duncan is used to having daddy home all day!

    Grown dogs are usually fine with puppies, in my experience!


  4. Dan Antion says:

    So far, we have managed to stick with one dog. We also have two cats, but one dog (about Cody’s size) is enough. Besides, Cody seems to be enough cute for a whole family 🙂


  5. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    My wife keeps talking about getting a second dog…I must admit my “topic distraction” skills are almost ninja like!



  6. We’ve got a second dog about a month ago. It’s a Rottweiler puppy and we named him Zap. And it’s great that he gets along very well with our other dog, Fire. (*⌒∇⌒*)


  7. We lost Amber today, so we are beginning to think about another dog. But not right away. The Westminster show is on right now. Always a great dog fix.


  8. It is probably lucky that Chloe had already found a home. Some dogs just don’t like competition. I don’t know how Cody is with dogs she knows, but sometimes it’s better not to find out. And while some apartments will let you have one dog, they usually draw the line there. When Mehitabel departs, I will take a break before getting another cat. It makes it hard to travel, and with the price of vet care these days, I don’t think I can afford it.


    • I didn’t mention vet bills in the post, but that’s a definite hindrance to a second dog. Normally, I don’t expect vet bills with a puppy, but Cody has had more than her share – and then there’s that very expensive prescription dog food! We were not expecting that.

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  9. sassandsauce says:

    I think we need a second dog, and a third cat and a fourth dog and a fifth cat… I could go on. I wish I could gather all the homeless kitties and puppies and bring them up 😀
    Practically though, I think one darling dog is plenty. Maybe a cat?


    • I hear you. If I had a lot of land and a really big house, I would probably start a rescue organization. As for a cat – I’ve never been a cat person mostly because I don’t like the idea of a cat climbing all over the kitchen counters. Cody’s never even seen a cat, so I have no idea how she would handle living with one. Having previously had an entire household of dogs, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs and fish (and kids), I don’t mind having only one critter to care for.

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  10. Vicky V says:

    I love the photo of Cody as a puppy! What a cutie. It’s so hard to resist getting another dog. We were down to one but are back to two 🙂


  11. lbeth1950 says:

    Cody is a charmer.


  12. Archon's Den says:

    That’s what we said – at least ,strong>I did. We don’t need a second cat….or a third cat….or a fourth cat. Is there a twelve-step program for this, before we blow our pensions? 😉 😯


  13. garym6059 says:

    Too cute! Cody is such a goooooood puppy :).


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  15. Laura says:

    Boy, does THIS sound familiar (except mine replaces “second” with “third”). Love it! I nominated you for the Miranda Sings award here: Have a great day!


    • Thanks, Laura. I saw the notice of the award, and will formally accept it shortly. Right now, I’m working with Paul Curran on his newest guest post (woo-hoo!). So it may take me a day or two to acknowledge the award and pick my nominees.


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